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Series on Witnessing

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I decided (some months back) to commit a half hour every Wednesday morning to a series on witnessing, particularly looking for ways to incorporate the use of tracts. This time was preempted from time to time, but I've found the only way to get something accomplished is to block off a regular block of time - and to guard it for that purpose. So that's what I did.

Besides, even though I did the layout for the tracts we publish, and sometimes write and edit them, I really don't seem to get around to using them in my personal witness. I suspect there are many other Christians who feel the same way, and have an undercurrent of guilt about it.

Well, let's face this problem and do something about it.

My starting point for this series on witnessing was the lessons I recently picked up from reading a book by a young woman (early 20s) who DOES grasp how to do this and who practices it on a continual basis.

Grace Mally wrote a book called, "WILL OUR GENERATION SPEAK? A Call to be Bold with the Gospel." From in her teens, her family has taught her to witness boldly in public places, and to use tracts freely. In this book she speaks to teens in particular, showing them in very practical steps how to go about witnessing boldly.

Her first points are that if we are afraid, we need to pray and ask God to make us fishermen. Right now! We must resolve to change our ways! And, we must remember that Jesus is working with us to build HIS Church.

Yes, we are partnering with a Winner!

I'm well past my teens, but Grace's principles can be applied in our own lives. Let's resolve to learn and do it in this series on witnessing!

What's Your Excuse?

What's your excuse that pops quickly out of your mouth if someone suggests, or even hints that you should be witnessing?

Here are some very common ones; is yours on this list? Or is it more original?

Aliens stole my tracts

I don't have the right personality

You have to become friends first; earn the right to talk so personally

I might make a mistake

I don't know enough

I don't have the gift of evangelism

I tried it; doesn't work!

I don't want to bother them

I don't have time

I can't communicate well

I'll just let them watch my life

There are answers for each of these excuses, you know. :)

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