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When They Aren't So Friendly

But what about when they aren't so friendly when you witness to people?

With practice you will learn to discern what type of disinterest or unfriendliness they really have towards your Christian witness.

Remember the parable of the Sower, that Jesus told. It shows that there will always be some that are not ready to receive it, some will be open to it, but become easily distracted, and some will hear you gladly and receive the good news personally.

Now, if they should get quite angry and want to hurt you, recognize that the Holy Spirit may be convicting them. Probably because someone else has already witnessed to them. Don't be discouraged - if the Holy Spirit is convicting them of sin and their need of a Saviour there is still much hope that they will respond well, and be saved. So pray for such individuals as you back off, pray fervently and with faith.

When they aren't so friendly - maybe downright rude - there is also a strong possibility that they are under conviction.

Don't take the rudeness personally. Don't get angry and reply in rudeness yourself. Keep a gentle spirit and explain that you care about them.

If possible try to explain the gospel in a nutshell, and how to receive Christ, for two reasons. One, that person may not have heard the complete gospel message, or have heard and forgotten what to do. Secondly, someone else may be eavesdropping, and this gives you a chance to witness indirectly to another person.

It's true. Some people get saved because they overheard the gospel explained to someone else! Isn't that great?

Here's another thought; the unfriendly hearer may be taking out on you a bad reaction they have had towards a Christian they encountered, or lived with, that did not have a clean, clear life or witness.

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