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10 Prayer Ideas About Witnessing

We cannot stress enough the importance of praying much and often. Here are 10 prayer ideas about witnessing to others about Jesus Christ, and the people who have heard you. Most of these ideas are about forming good habits for such praying above and beyond your normal prayer times for your own Christian walk.

1. Be creative about finding a good location for your regular prayer times and also some extra times of prayer. Get over it that you have to be kneeling beside your bed. You can pray anywhere, any time, but some locations are better than others. Keep trying out new ones until you find a good fit for you. It may be at home in your own bedroom, or out walking in the park, or around a certain number of blocks. It may be a secret, hidden place.

2. Staying focused can be hard, but making lists, or praying aloud can sharpen your concentration. Physically walking, or striding while you pray may take a bit of getting used to, but it is certainly hard to fall asleep then!

3. To maintain an attitude of humility and reverence for God, you can consider your posture, and delaying or skipping a meal. Some people feel that lying face-down on the floor or ground makes them feel truly humble. That may not work for you, so concentrate on setting your attitude, more than your physical posture.

4. Choose a certain short prayer cry to use, whenever bad thoughts try to creep in on your mind. Quoting a certain verse will help to drive the devil away from you. Know that he is going to use tools that relate to your weakness. Jesus' way was to answer with Scripture.

5. If you are choosing to give an hour to prayer, make it easier, by praying in 5 minute segments. This can be for certain individuals, or to pause to look at certain Bible verses again at those intervals, to remind yourself of why you are praying.

6. If you already have your usual prayer time full with devotional study, reading and prayer for a list, choose another prayer time in the day, to pray specifically about your witnessing to others. Maybe at your afternoon coffee break time, if that is provided at your job. Or, on your way home after school, or work, or when you are doing a certain chore by yourself on a daily basis.

7. Pray about witnessing together with others whenever you can get a chance. Initiate such times if no one else suggests it. Hearing someone else pray passionately about sharing the gospel will inspire and motivate you - and the other person or persons too.

8. When a great burden to cry out to God about someone or some issue comes up, take a whole night to pray. You will have less distractions and more time for concentrated prayer. You may think you'll be wasted the next day, but many people report that they are energized and feel very blessed the next day or two.

9. If missionaries and others who do much witnessing send you regular reports, take time to have them open before you while you pray, and pause to pray for every request they mention. Those are important to them, and they are hoping people will do more than just read their reports - they really need your prayers! By the same token share your prayer requests with others who will pray for you.

10. Find a friend who feels like you do about prayer, and make an agreement to get together to pray at certain times, in a certain place, or even over the phone. If daily doesn't work, try for weekly. It will energize you both!

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