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Questions to Ask When Witnessing

Here are questions to ask when witnessing of Jesus Christ. He is the Light, the Living Water, the Bread of Life, the Rock which is our Foundation, and so on. But before we can introduce Him, we must find out in what way this person most needs Christ.

So here's a bunch of questions you might want to print out on a card, - or keep as a text file on your cell phone, or tablet, so you can review them until you have used them often enough to remember them well.

Think these questions through for yourself. That will help you remember them too. And consider which one would be a good starting point with the person you are about to start talking with.


What do you think happens when someone dies?

Is eternal life a free gift or something you have to earn?

What did the thief on the cross have to do to be saved?

When did you become a Christian?

Who do you believe Jesus is?

Do you know what it means to be "born again"?

Do you consider yourself to be a good person?

Do you think one can know his sin is forgiven before he dies, or does he have to wait until after he dies?

Do you know the meaning of the word "gospel"?

If you died to today, do you think you would go to Heaven?

Have you considered how much evidence there is for the resurrection of Christ?

Did you grow up with a certain belief or religion?

How do you think one can get rid of his guilt and sin before God?

Why does God allow evil and suffering in the world?

Has anyone ever explained the gospel to you before?

Of all the knowledge in the universe, how much knowledge do you think you have?

Oh wait! What if they say something unusual, or unexpected, and you are not sure how to respond? Well, then, respond to them with a question of this nature;

Where did you get your information?

Why do you believe that?

What led you to that conclusion?

What evidence do you have for your position?

Let's always remember, our goal is not to win a debate, but to win or soften their hearts.

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