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Asking Questions

When you want to talk about spiritual things with anyone, friend, or stranger, asking questions is a very good starting point. Also, to listen carefully to their answers. These are strong clues there as to what to say or do next.

Especially, you want to determine the other person's point of view on key spiritual points.

Asking questions will accomplish a number of other helpful things for you;

It will arouse curiosity, and hold the other party's attention

It will help you make sure you understand them, and they understand you

Questions shows your genuine concern,

Asking questions helps you steer the conversation to where you want to go
Good queries help you get back on track if you, or the other person, go off on a tangent
Gentle, kindly asked questions shows them something about themselves.

So, what kind of questions should I ask?

This is a many-branched topic! We'll get to that if you continue reading this series.

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