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Explain Salvation

A lot of our nervous fears about witnessing come from not being able to explain salvation clearly to strangers. Maybe that's because we don't fully understand ourselves what happened to us when we were born again.

Of course, it is a marvelous mystery that only God understands perfectly, but we can make an effort to learn the doctrine of salvation until we grasp it. Then we must learn to explain salvation or communicate the main points to others.

It's okay to hand out tracts that are good at explaining salvation, especially at the beginning when you are new at witnessing. But it will tremendously increase your joy and delight in your salvation if you know what happened in God's eyes, and what happens in our spirit, and what our legal standing is before God ever after our new birth. Really, I assure you; you will love our Saviour more, and find it easier to resist temptations to sin.

In fact, you'll be eager to explain salvation to others!

Atheists have indicated that they do not respect believers who don't believe in the Christian gospel enough to share it with others. For that matter, secularists, and those who just stumble along just believing whatever they pick up sub-consciously from the media often have that attitude too. If you don't believe the good news of salvation enough to be sold out and enthusiastic when you talk about it, - then it has no appeal to them.

If you lack enthusiasm and gratefulness to Christ, do some soul-searching. Did you really repent and confess your sin to God? Did you really trust Christ's finished work on the cross to pay for all your sins, and to give you a new spiritual life in Him? Or did you just go through some motions? Maybe you just repeated some words to please someone else?

Oh dear! If that's the case, you still need to be saved yourself. We need to study the gospel with you - soon.

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