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Ten Tract Distributors

Our Founder, G. W. Elliott, wrote these two poems, Ten Tract Distributors, and Ten Tract Receivers, after he had retired to White Rock, B.C. to encourage the tract distributors in this mission. May still encourage someone in the work today.

Ten Tract Distributors

Ten Tract Distributors started out just fine -
On can't be depended on, and soon there were nine.

Nine Tract Distributors think they're doing great,
Another fell for fickleness, leaving only eight.

Eight Tract Distributors to whom this task was given
One forgot to send them out - then there were seven.,

Only seven workers left, now we're in a fix!
We did no recruiting, and soon had only six.

Six Tract Distributors, very much alive,
But false religion got one, reducing them to five.

Five busy witnesses spreading tracts galore,
One of them forgot to pray, leaving only four.

Only four good members left, that is all we see;
One became indifferent, and that left three.

Only three Distributors, now what shall we do?
Better start recruiting more, or soon there'll just be two.

Two Tract Distributors, and soon their work is done,
They are faithful till He comes, many souls are won.

One Tract Distributor, with Jesus on his side,
Gains at last a crown of life, which ever will abide.

---G. W. Elliott,
White Rock, B. C. Canada

Ten Tract Receivers

Ten little tract receivers standing in a line,
One of them refused the tracts, and then there were nine.

Nine needy tract receivers, sober and sedate,
One of them became offended, leaving only eight.

Eight thoughtful tract receivers, thinking some of Heaven,
One became a Christian – and that left seven.

Seven sinful tract receivers – what an awful mix!
One joined a false cult, and that left six.

Six little tract receivers – will they all survive?
Another got offended, and then there were five.

Five touchy tract receivers, one said, “send no more!”
I added none to mailing list, and sent to only four.

Four fickle tract receivers need salvation free,
But one we never heard from, and that left three.

Three anxious tract receivers don't know what to do;
Prayer and letters saved one, and he got busy, too.

Only two receivers left – not much fun!
Think I'll give this business up, and send to only one.

One lonely, sinful soul, but he to Christ was won;
Think I'll take another list, and work till life is done.

G. W. Elliott
White Rock, B. C. Canada.

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