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God Will Save Us

As many have found through the centuries since Jesus returned to Heaven, God will save us, when we trust Jesus' blood shed on the cross, to fully pay for our redemption. Here we have the testimonies of Mary and Lula, which were found in the early files of G. W. Elliott, founder of Western Tract Mission. God always works in a unique and personal way with each individual but the key points of salvation always happen. See if you can spot them here.

In fact, Lulu experienced this in a very practical way too.

Testimony of Mary Goertzen - Young distributor at Fork River, Manitoba

I thank and praise the Lord for saving and giving me everlasting life. I know I have often, and very often failed Him, but our Lord is long suffering, and He will not force you to follow Him, but will ask you again and again, “Won't you believe in Me, and trust Me? Won't you lay all your burdens upon Me?”

Unless you have the Lord Jesus Christ in your heart, you do not know the joy and peace He gives. Especially in these days of war and horror, when the whole world seems to be shaking, you have a foundation, a firm Foundation, Who is the Lord Jesus Christ.

To those who know not of this wonderful salvation, it is easy, so easy that many stumble over it. All you have to do is “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.” Acts 16:31.

This world does not satisfy, but Christ satisfies.

Mary Goertzen
Feb. 23, 1942.

Testimony of Lula M. Morgan, Saskatoon

Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

One of the earliest recollections of God's love and protection in my life was early in my teens, when my mother, younger brother and myself, along with relatives whom we were visiting, were trapped in my grandfather's house during a severe wind and thunder storm. The wind was raging outside, snapping off trees all around us, as if they were corn stalks. We were having a hard time holding the doors against its onslaught.

Then suddenly there was a deafening roar. We rushed to the window, and where the large barn had stood there was now only empty space. It had been lifted from its foundation and flattened like the trees we could hear falling around us.

The house would go next, for how could it withstand such a gale, and what would become of us!I looked around frantically at the white faces around me, then suddenly there came into my heart a deep conviction.

Placing my hand in that of my cousin's, I whispered to her, "Don't be afraid, God will save us." And I knew it would be so. It was so.

Gradually there was a lull in the storm, the wind abated and the welcome rain came down in blinding sheets. Then as suddenly as it had come, the storm had gone. But most wonderful of all we were safe; God had kept His promise.

Almost as far back as I can remember I have attended Sunday School and church regularly, but until I was sixteen I understood but little of the meaning of real Christian life.

Then when I was sixteen a strange disturbance came into my life, one which caused me much unrest, deep thought, and pricked my conscience long asleep. This was a visit of the Oxford Group to our town. They gave their testimonies and preached the acceptance of Christ as one's personal Saviour. The meetings lasted three evenings. I attended them all, walking into town three miles with my sister.

On the third evening, members of the group came among the congregation and asked each person if they should like to live a better life in Christ. A lady came up and spoke to me and we knelt together, while in tones of entreaty she asked her loving Saviour to touch my heart and bring me home to His loving care. She explained how I might be guided by their doctrine and how I must first accept Christ as my personal Saviour.

For a while after the Group left town, I did my best to live a better life. But my old life beckoned me, and as there were no real Christians in my town to guide me, Satan lured me back again to the pleasures of this world that had such a firm hold on me. Although I did receive help from my counsellor, I was not deeply stirred by it.

I drifted thus for five long years, years in which I might have been leading my family and those around me to Christ, years of such waste and vain pursuits. True, I read my Bible regularly but gained little from it.

My high school years passed thus, and I went to a strange city to study my profession, my life ambition. While in that city, at a revival meeting I was reclaimed by my Saviour and came to truly know Him. I found in Him too, many Christian friends, friends who were a great comfort to me, when a few months later I found I had made a tragic mistake, I was not suited to that profession, I had worked so hard for, and must return home.

Now God has led me to this city and has once again placed me among understanding Christian people. He knows how weak I am and has once more brought me to His altar to confess that I have backsliden. Sometimes I wonder how He can be so patient and forgiving. How good He has been to me. And now I truly believe on His name and know that Christ's suffering on the tree has purchased my redemption.

Now He has bade me tell others the wondrous story, and so I am writing this to warn others, that once they have known the Saviour, not to drift from Him as I have done, but to hold fast to their faith, for they will find in Him an ever present help in time of trouble, and in their heart that peace which passeth all understanding. Walk closely each day with Him and you will find that He will be to you more than a friend, that life will take on new meaning, happiness and purpose, that of doing His blessed will. John 14:27.

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