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Lydia Found What Was Lacking

Christ Changed My LIFE

In this testimony letter, we see that Lydia found what was lacking in her life. On the surface everything looked okay, but what a change when she met the Light of Life in a spiritual birth!

April 15, 1957

I, Mrs. Lydia Chamberlain, am writing this, my personal testimony with a prayer that it will help those who are unsaved to find the Light of Life by Spiritual birth, and to those who are Christians by rebirth, encouragement until at last the precious goal, which the soul is longing and searching for, is reached.

Up until I was twenty one years of age, I lived what the world would say, was a Christian life. I went to church; as a matter of fact, was organist at church. But there was something lacking in my life and I could not quite figure out what it was. There was no Bible reading or prayer in my home life except when the minister called.

Well, this is the way I grew up without any Christian training.

I was married at twenty one and again the home I had was just like the one I had before with no Scripture reading or prayer. This continued until my husband passed away in 1946.

Then the feeling became so strong that something was lacking in my life, I started reading the Bible and listening with interest, to God's messages over the ether waves. Needless to say, as the Bible says, “listen and hear,” by reading - I was saved by Spiritual birth. Then life became worth living. Now, even though I have been confined to bed for about five years, I would not exchange this wonderful peace I have found for anything this old world has to offer.

I also feel that perhaps if God had not loved me, he would not have chastised me in this way and then I would have probably been lost and would never have experienced this wonderful peace. I am now thankful that he did this to me. I know that when I meet him face to face I shall walk again. This is too great for me in to express in words.

Now, to those who are unsaved, please consider the Salvation of your souls seriously, for Jesus died on the cross to redeem and save your soul. The Bible says, "How shall we escape if we neglect so great Salvation." I can truthfully say that when Jesus came into my heart it was the best day of my life. I only wish it had happened sooner.

Now I am doing the best I can to help God's work along by sending out tracts of testimony and Gospel reading. I am so thankful God is allowing me the use of my right arm. I lost my other arm about a year ago due to gangrene.

Mrs. Lydia Chamberlain
Northville, N. Y.

It is still possible, like Lydia, to find what is missing in your life. Turn to Christ and trust Him to save and cleanse you and give you peace and joy.

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