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More Saved Through Tracts

letters telling of more saved through tracts

We have reports of many more saved through tracts in 1959. These quotes are not specified date-wise, other than they are found between other reports for June and October of 1959. (We are now publishing these here to remind ourselves that God does use tracts for the salvation of souls!).

Red Deer, Alt. - Floyd Grunau had two replies the last period.. One was a Definite Acceptance.

Winona Lake, Ind. - Mrs. Olive Dodson heard from one on her list who signed the D.A. Card and asked for more literature.

Eldridge, Calif. - "I received a signed D.A. Card from an 84 year old lady. We praise the Lord for this and want to keep sending her literature to help her." - Hubert Dalton.

Stuartburn, Man. - I am thanking the Lord for one more soul brought into His fold, I received a D.A. Card from a boy in Assiniboia, Sk. Dated April 24th. - Leonard R. Dycka

Saskatoon, SK - 'Marian Williamson' - Received a Definite Acceptance of Christ card from Africa.

Kingston, N.S. - Robert Dorey received news of young person on mailing list, who accepted the Lord as her Saviour in April 1957. She said that the tracts helped her and that she was reading her Bible, attending Sunday School.

Okotooks, AB. - Mrs. C. Baxter has sent in many names and recently had the joy of hearing from a woman in Ont. Who had sent tracts to her list, that one has been converted.

Magog, P. Que. - Mrs. June McKelvey received a Definite Acceptance of Christ Card from a medical doctor in prince Edward Island, dated May 7.

Altona, Man. 'Am very glad to let you know i had a short note from one who took his stand for Jesus Christ on February 1, and enjoys tracts." Tina Siemens.

Brantford, Ont. - Mrs. M. Maidens - Sometime ago our pastor told us of a young girl who was going out with a Roman Catholic boy. Her mother was worried and wanted the pastor to talk to her. He asked for some tracts suitable for Roman Catholics. . . . reported later the young man had read them, talked with him and accepted Christ as his Saviour.

Fort William, Ont. - Anne Siegers - Through tracts and personal contact, two girls one a Roman Catholic, accepted Christ.

Swan River, Man, - Ann Bilowus received a D. A. Card and request for more tracts from a 13 year old boy in England.

Melfort, Sk. - David Wieler heard from a girl at Porcupine Plain. She was interested in being saved. "I sent her tracts for a while and then my wife and I went to see her, and she accepted Christ that day."

Saskatoon, SK. - Mr. J.B. Tansley was told that an 87 year old lady has received Christ as Saviour as a result of tracts he sent.

Chester, Vermont - Mr. And Mrs. F. Whitney - "To God goeth all the honor and glory - 18 souls saved in two and a half years of sending out tracts."

McTavish, Man. - Mrs. Elmer Siemens was getting breakfast ready when she opened a letter containing a Form 1 and a tract with decision signed by a girl in India. "I had to rush out to find my husband to tell him! I've been in the tract work for years and have often felt like stopping. Now I can see that it has paid itself many times over."

Brock, SK. - Mr. E. Hanson - recently met a lady who had received a relief parcel in the thirties. In it was a tract. She, her husband, and six children all accepted Christ.

Hague, SK. - John Braun - writes that thru tracts he read, was brought under conviction before he was saved.

Waldheim, SK. - David Wiens asks for the Gospels to send to his list and writes, "If this portion of God's word is going to do as much for them as it did for me before I was a Christian it will be well worth sending them out."

letter received

A Saskatoon member relates this incident of how God meets us in our need, "For some time in my pursuit of a closer relationship with Christ, I have been discouraged by temptation and defeat.... I came to the point where I wondered whether or not there was any use trying. Then before beginning my evening of study I opened one of your letters. The first tract that I removed was, 'How Prayer is Answered.' Since I enjoy poetry I read it and found the expression of my own desires and despairs with God's answer given.”

A tract is a portion of the Word of God applied to the human heart. God uses the printed page.

Steinbach, Man. - Bertha Wiebe - received letter from a girl on list, saying that the tracts and books sent, had answered many of her questions. She received Christ at Camp.

'Eric' Onamah - Sent by Robert Odumu - "Since I was a school boy I have not heard about God nor even know who is God, but I was just only attending church when I was young. When I left school I came from my town and settled in a foreign town, Warri. For years I had neither attended church nor spoken with a religious man, until not long ago a man gave me a tract and told me that I should turn to Christ. He quoted many verses from the Bible. I was so much pleased about the word of God so I told him to write for tracts as I am now a new born babe by believing that Jesus died for me; because of my sin He was killed and with His blood I was saved."

Are you encouraged to give someone a tract now?

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