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Basic Tract Tips

We've looked at ways of overcoming our fears about witnessing, and using tracts in particular. Here's some basic tract tips, keeping in mind that our goal is to enthusiastically tell others about our wonderful Lord, and invite them to experience His great salvation.

We respect their God-given right to choose whether they will accept Christ or not; we are just responsible for our winsome presentation.

Now how do we go about that?

To open a conversation with someone we can use tracts, or other objects (ie. evangi-cubes, or things from nature that are a clear object-lesson of Christ).

A printed little leaflet or booklet (tract) is especially good because it will follow the recipient wherever he or she goes. They can read and think it over when they have time to concentrate with their whole being. Tracts create curiosity in one where there have been no spiritual thoughts at all, and they can go into homes and places where we cannot go.

At Impact Canada Ministries, (formerly WTM), we have a testimony of a couple who found one in a gambling casino, and they were convicted that they needed to return to faith in Christ.

Now, you may be cringing inside and thinking, "But tracts don't have the acceptable image they used to have!"

There are bad ways and good ways to hand out tracts. Do you know about the better ways? Have you tried and tested them?

I plan to go into greater depth with some of the more excellent ways, but here are a few basic tract tips;

Be confident. Wear your enthusiasm for the Lord on your face when handing out a tract.

Plan some good, opening comments to use as you offer your tracts. Know which comments to use when. (Some words ARE more effective than others!)

First, find some tracts that you really like and can recommend. Don't bother with tracts that don't say what you would like to say to the stranger if you had more time with them. In fact, you might be wise to write your own tract.

Don't forget to keep your pockets, wallet, or purse stocked with these good tracts. If you drive, keep a stash in your vehicle too, in case you run out.

You can show younger siblings, or your children how to hand out tracts. They will do it so innocently and sincerely that many adults can't resist accepting one.

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