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Definite Acceptance Cards

Definite Acceptance cards

Mr. Elliott asked the distributors who worked from home to mail out tracts regularly to their mailing list, to write in when they received back the Definite Acceptance Cards from any on their mailing list. That card was filled out by anyone who had decided to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour as a result of reading the tracts they received.

For the distributors, this was their high reward, and they were glad to report the arrival of any Definite Acceptance card in their return mail. Mr. Elliott then published them in the monthly newsletter so everyone else could rejoice at this good harvest too. You might want to count them as you read, and see what number you get.

Here are the notes published about the Definite Acceptance Cards in the April 1959 issue of Western Tract NEWS. This is an opportunity for us to rejoice again at these items of great news.

Mr. J. A. Sutton - Biggar, Sask. - Letter received, I knew I wanted the Lord in my life. "So she accepted Him. She was saved on February 17th, I praise my wonderful Lord for answering prayer.”

Montreal - W. J. Learoyd - “Last Sunday we had another man at our evening service for the first time (as a result of tracts being sent and of two visits), and he professed to being saved. The Sunday before there were three new people out to hear the gospel and all expressed to be visited. These too were contacted through the tracts.”

Punichy, Sask. - Mary Nordin - sends tracts to 50 homes each month. She heard from three this month who signed Definite Acceptance of Christ cards professing salvation.

Hague, Sask. - Albert Guenther - “I received a letter from the member who has a list of names I sent in, telling of a boy who I taught in D.V.B.S. , signing the Definite Acceptance card. Pray that he might receive spiritual food and grow in grace.”

Camrose, Alta. - Velma Danielson received a letter from a girl in New Brunswick. She enclosed a dollar in her letter in appreciation of the tracts and booklets sent her. She is twelve years old and attends the United Church.

Smeaton, Sask. - Mrs. C.Brownmiller, “I received a D.A. Card from an Indian on Vancouver Island.”

Abbotsford, B.C. - Maureen Wolfe – received a D. A. Card and letter from a girl in Manitoba to whom she had sent tracts and letters and prayed for a number of years. This girl is so thankful for the Christian literature and prayers that brought her to a decision.

Chester, Vt. - “We thought you might like to rejoice with us over two more souls saved by the Blood of Christ thru tracts sent. One is a ten year old girl, one a twelve year old boy - both from Muncie, Ind., on our last list of ten names.

Sharon Johnson is secretary of the Youth Fellowship of Elim Evangelical Free Church, - Fosston, Sk. She writes: We would like to tell you that we received a reply from a boy in Alberta requesting more tracts and the booklet, “Gods way of Salvation”. He also returned the tract , “Four Things God wants you to Know” with his name signed on the dotted line on the back.

Medicine Hat, Alta. - Mrs S. J. Bull was happy to receive another decision card from one in Africa.

Edmonton, Alta. - Pauline Raichuk was glad to receive a D.A. Card from one in Africa.

Wm. Lightfoot, - England, 'Elderly woman confessed Christ as Saviour, from reading tracts and other magazines. She died a few weeks later.

Edmonton – Dora Palahniuk writes that Form 1 and decision cards coming in every day. She has had thirty – six from Jamaica and Africa recently.

Mrs. Victor Elderfield, Pamburn. - Sent tracts and scripture 'get-well' cards to hospital patients; she received first fruits in the form of one of these little decision cards being signed by one of the women patients, thereby indicating that she had given her heart to Christ. M.M.B.I. News Bulletin.

Winnipeg - Definite Acceptance card received. Mrs. Geo Groening.

Sullivan Station, B.C. - Mrs. L. M. Blais - received an acceptance card and request for more tracts from one in Quebec.

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Unrau - Brooks, Ata. - Mrs. F. Roberts has heard from three from Jamaica in the past few months. One accepted tracts as a result of the tracts sent her.

The Jewish brothers in India have accepted Christ through reading tracts.

Just think; these are but a sampling of the reports that came in by the dozens every month, and over the decades would amount to hundreds and perhaps thousands of decisions to receive Christ reported via these Definite Acceptance Cards. Let's praise God for such results!

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