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Soliloquy by Magna

Soliloquy by Magna

This poem is a Soliloquy by Magna, a Christian girl who gave up a man of the world for Jesus' sake. This was written in 1941 and sent to G. W. Elliott. We don't hear so often any more of a Christian giving up a man of the world - and choosing rather, to follow the Lord Jesus.

My Decision

Tonight as I'm writing this letter,
My poor heart is breaking in two;
For deep in my heart I've decided
To leave him in favor of you.

It was useless, I know, from the start;
Oh, why did it have to be so?
But now it's forever too late;
My decision, I guess, you must know.

Your letter completed the circle,
It gave the incentive to part
With the joy I received from his letters,
With my foolish young dreams – and my heart.

Now I am sad and heart-broken,
So full of despair, and alone;
I hope that God soon will have mercy,
And take me away for His Own.

For what is there left for a fool like me?
I'm no good to God down here;
But still, I know I have done the right,
To give up the things I hold dear.

Perhaps the Lord will some day unite
Two lonely, blue hearts as one;
And then shall sunshine come after rain,
As reward for a job well done.

But still, while I'm waiting for time to creep,
I'll take your advice as before,
And let the Lord replace with work
The love that can be no more.

Sometimes I feel that I threw away
The one only heart I own
To another poor soul with an empty breast,
And now we're both – alone.

But still I know that I've done the right,
Though it breaks another heart, too;
And on my knees I thank the Lord
Up above, for a friend like you.

ED: Soliloquy by Magna seems to be a good choice for this poem, as Magna's thoughts seem to wander from one stanza to another. In the first stanza she appears to be writing to the young man she is giving up, some some of the stanzas sound like a prayer to God, some are thinking it over stanzas, and the last few are addressed again to the young man. Her decision is made but her thoughts do swirl about. This will be true for just about anyone who makes a big life-direction decision.

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