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When Jesus Saves He saves Completely!

Assurance of Salvation

Although many are ready and willing to receive Christ, it often happens that they need assurance of salvation, for after a while, Satan tries to persuade them that this great spiritual transaction has not happened, or does not apply to them personally.

Mr. Elliott, our founder, often corresponded with people about assurance of salvation, and we have an example of his wise and tender counselling by letter found in his early albums. We find:

A dear young woman writes regularly from Lashburn, Sask. She professed salvation last August, and sent in her “Definite Acceptance of Christ” card. We believe she has lived a separated life since then, and she loves to distribute tracts; but still she has no assurance. Lately she wrote:

“Monday night last is a time I shall never forget. There were two ministers here at church and I got saved. Please pray for me, that I can take a better step for the Lord; and I'll be ever so glad when I really know that I am a child of God after all. Then I surely will give you my testimony.”

Part of Mr. G. W. Elliott's reply to her;
“You think you got saved April 6th, but what about last August when you signed a Definite Acceptance card like enclosed? Did the Lord not do a finished work then, or does it have to be done all over again? I really think that you were saved last August, even though your faith was weak, even though you did not receive assurance of salvation, and even though you have sinned since that time.

When one is saved, he or she receives eternal, or everlasting life; John 3:15,16. God has no other kind to give. Furthermore, He does not take this life away, but He undertakes to present us faultless some day before His presence with exceeding joy; Jude. 24. This saved and lost, saved and lost religion is no good, and we cannot find it in the Bible. Every person who becomes a child of God by receiving Christ as Saviour, will always be in God's family, even though we fail Him many times. There is no instance in Scripture where a person received Christ and salvation, and then went lost. There is a special provision made for us as sinning Christians. 1 John 1:9. Sin is hated by God, but when we are out of fellowship through sin, then we repent, and we are forgiven and restored.

I want you to know that when Jesus saves He saves completely. There is no such position as “on the fence.” We are either saved, or lost. When Christ comes, we are either to be taken, or left. There is no half-completed salvation. “It is finished.”

Satan wants you to be in doubt, and to depend on yourself for keeping, instead of turning everything over to Your Lord, and trusting in Him. John 5:24.


No Joy Without Jesus

How can I ever be happy
  When Jesus is far from me?
   No thing in this world really matters,
    Except Christ Who has set us free.

Oh, what will You do without Jesus,
  Who came to die in Your stead?
    Oh, what will you do without Jesus?
     It was for Your sins He bled.

Oh, what will I do without Jesus?
  Turn Him away; Oh, no!
    No other can make me happy,
     None other but Jesus, I know.

And yet I stay in the world as though
  Joy might be found in earthly love;
    But I know that I'll never be happy,
    Except in my Saviour above.

(composed by Miss Radke's younger sister Wanda).

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