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Too Shy to Ask

This high school student wanted to be saved, but was too shy to ask anyone for help. Fortunately, someone mailed to her some gospel tracts. After that Katherine became a faithful tract distributor herself, mailing out tracts regularly through the plan that Mr. G. W. Elliott had started, and shared with others.

too shy to ask

Katherine wrote:

Young as I was, yet for many years I wanted to know the way of salvation. I was too timid to inquire of those from whom I could have received such information.

It was not until January 1942, that the way was shown to me, through tracts that were sent me. It is really very wonderful and very simple.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.” Acts. 16;32.

So, dear sinner, do not be afraid to come to Jesus. You have only to believe; Jesus will take you as you are.

May God bless you, and help you to come.

In His love,
a sinner saved by Grace,

A Hitch Hiker and a Tract

Here is a short letter about a hitchhiker and a tract, - a young man ready and waiting to be saved. A young man in Texas wrote:

“One day, while driving from Houston to Jacksonville, the Lord called my attention to several men changing a tire. I honked the horn and dropped several tracts as I went by.

Later, while returning to Houston a different way, a man hailed me. As we drove I asked the young man where he was going to spend eternity. At this, he pulled from his pocket the tract, “How to Become A Christian,” and told me how he had received it while changing a tire.

He said, “Why, Mister, before I read this little leaflet I didn't know that I wasn't a Christian, and that I needed to be saved in order to spend eternity in Heaven.”

I pulled the car to the side of the road, and with no urging from anyone but the Holy Spirit, that young man bowed his head and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his own personal Saviour.”

This is so true for many people, young and older alike - are too shy to ask anyone for help. They may have heard enough to know there is a Saviour, and that they ought to be saved, but unless somone reaches out to share the gospel in a personal way, these individuals might miss all the joys of salvation, and even Heaven for eternity!

Are You Too Shy to Ask?

If you are too shy to ask, please go looking for how to be saved! If you have found this page, you must be searching online. Do continue with that. Particularly on this website. We have many pages that explain how to be saved.

If you should want to talk to someone, feel free to get in touch via our contact page, or phone us. Someone friendly will respond and guide you to Jesus Christ. Salvation comes by repenting for your sin, and simply believing and receiving that He died for you. Also that He rose from the dead, which guarantees eternal life in Heaven for you too. Then you should meet with other Believers and learn as much as you can about Jesus and how to live with Him every day.

If You Know the Gospel - Share It

If you know the gospel already, may this testimony of Katherine's remind you to be generous and share the good news wherever you can. You may end up helping another person like Katherine, who is very ready to be saved, but is too shy to ask anyone for help.

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