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4 Saved Through Tracts

The monthly Western Tract News use to publish little reports with headlines, like, 4 saved through tracts in bold. Not a large font, mind you, But each report was condensed to just a short paragraph from each volunteer distributor who wrote in. All because they knew that these reports - as well as the honest reports of rejection letters from those they had mailed tract too, helped the other distributors to get a clear sense of the struggles and the victories in this work. It boosted their faith to know how other distribtors were doing.

Some would write in and say, "I haven't had any positive feedback to my mailings at all, but because oof the reports in the Western Tract News, I am resolved to keep mailing."

In preparation for writing a history of Western Tract Mission, (which, changed its name to Impact Canada Ministries Inc., in 2015), I have a volunteer reading through old documents and copies of the Western Tract News publications. I've specifically assigned her to look for testimonies or records of people being saved through tracts, so we can study how effective this ministry is. Here are some of the notes from the 1959 reports to the distributors.

4 saved

Notice that after each item there is a number in parenthesis; that means that just from these reports, for instance, there were 4 saved through tracts, ... has (4) after it. This will allow us now to skim thorugh faster and keep something of a running count. Not that I believe we'll have a totally accurate count in the end. Just a ball-park figure.

News Bulletin - January 1959
Longview, Texas - encouraging to Mrs. Pauline Wilson to hear a young man say that he was saved when he received one of the Horton's Edition of the Gospel of John. After reading the little verse on the front he turned to page 66 and read verse 31. The Holy Spirit touched his heart. He read the whole book and was saved. He is now preaching the Gospel and leading souls to Christ.(1)

Western Tract News - February 1959
Mrs. Mary Guenther, Hague – reports: “I had the wonderful joy of receiving a letter from a couple in Alberta. They, thru reading the tracts , had been made mindful of their spiritual condition. In searching the scriptures and attending revival meetings they both accepted Christ as their personal Saviour and want to make this year a time of telling others about Jesus.” (2)

Western Tract News - February 1959
Mr. & Mrs. Unrau, Abbotsford. B. C., were able to reach 1,260 homes this past year. Thirteen favourable replies were received and one soul saved.(1)

I will be sharing more of these little reports, and some longer testimonies in more pages in this series.

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