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Creative Ways to Distribute Tracts

Besides the usual way of handing them out to people, here are some creative ways to distribute tracts.

A newsboy found he could afford a quantity of tracts for just pennies, and so he started slipping them into the newspapers he sold.

A couple with a mail order business tuck one into every shipment they send to their customers.

Of course, if you still pay your bills by check in the mail, then you can slip a tract in with your payment. I understand that such payments are handled by three or four people before it is finally filed away. You can be fairly sure at least one of them will look at your tract perhaps several.

An optometrist asked for a thousand copies of a tract he discovered, called, "My Eyes" and gave one to each patron.

tract - The Truth Shall SEt You Free (Canaries)

A Christian woman who owned a pet shop, asked for a large quantity of a tract entitled, "Would You Leave Your Canary in the Care of Your Cat?" What customer would not be curious to read that?

cat watching canaries

Naturally, people who minister with visits in jails, hospitals, and who conduct open-air meetings to share the gospel, find tracts very appropriate to hand out.

Some door-to-door salesmen have found tactful ways to leave a gospel tract at the homes they visit. (I don't think that happens as much any more, for I haven't seen many door-to-sales people in a long time, and I generally don't buy at the door).

I know of some people who love to use a thank you card type of tract to give out whenever they get service somewhere in public, such as at a gas station, or in a restaurant. Who finds it easy to turn down a thank you card? (Personally, I think this works best when it is truly an attractive thank you card, and it is not just a flimsy excuse for a proper thank you card).

A friend of mine creates her own tracts which are about the size of a business card. They have a humorous front side. She waits until the person she meets has read it and looks up smiling. Then she engages them in conversation. So her tracts are conversation-starters.

I think that's a wonderful approach. But it does mean you need to be prepared to have such conversations.

We will explore more of these stories. Even, how to create your own tracts, and find creative ways to distribute tracts..

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