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Start Witnessing

start witnessing now at every opportunity

Let's do a review of this series on witnessing. The first/main point is - start witnessing! Somewhere, anywhere, to everybody, and be prepared to learn as you go. Be open to the Holy Spirit gently leading you. He will nudge you to speak up when you should, and He will restrain you when it will only cause trouble.

Though, we have seen, haven't we, that sometimes the best witnessing happens in the middle of uncomfortable situations, real trouble.

Where to find people to witness to? Your neighbours, people you rub shoulders with at school or work, international students, the seniors and handicapped residents at assisted living centres. Start witnessing.

What's the best approach? Show hospitality. Invite them to your home or living space. Many people are starved for some attention, and to feel that someone wants them for a friend, so showing yourself friendly and hospitable is a huge first step. Start witnessing.

What to say? Start with what you know best - how you met Christ, and how much you love Him, and His Word, the Bible. Tell your story. Everyone loves a story. But don't get so absorbed in yourself that you forget to invite this person to do the same thing - to come to Christ humbly for forgiveness and salvation and new life! Start witnessing.

Of course, you want to constantly increase your own knowledge and understanding of God's will and ways, so a high priority has to be to study the Bible and pray every day. Attend church and small group Bible studies where you can ask questions and have godly people explain things to you until you grasp them well. If you have even a slim chance, you should try to go to a Bible school to get well-grounded in Christian doctrines.

Watch for other Christians who witness passionately and try to become their friends so you can learn from them as well.

See if you can get on a witnessing team. Don't hesitate to include Christian children; they can teach you a lot too!

Finally, remember what Mordecai told Esther when she had a scary opportunity to save her people; "If you don't do it, God will use someone else, but you'll miss out on His blessing!" Start witnessing!

Now that I have covered the basics in 'how to witness' and encouraged you over and over to just get into it: Start Witnessing! - Now I will start sharing stories of people who have been good witnesses, and the testimoniesi of those who were saved especially through the use of tracts. This is a method that our founder taught many people to use, and it has been effective through the decades.

Some would argue that tracts are now passe. True, those who are rather worldy-wise look down on tracts as old-fashioned. Yet, as I've been looking for these testimonies I'm impresssed that God still used the printed word as a witness that is effective.

We might need to bring the graphics and written approach in a tract up to date, but we cannot argue with the success of a printed leaflet that has a message from God - as being successful at turning hearts to conviction and confession that His Word is true. Then in obedience, to repent and confess Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

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