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Evidence for the Resurrection, for Easter proves God Keeps His Word

Evidence for the Resurrection

What can you say to give evidence for the resurrection of Jesus? Because, occasionally, when you are witnessing and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, the other person will mock, or show incredulity at the idea that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive today.

Remember or keep these five points handy;
1. There were hundreds of witnesses who saw and talked with Jesus after He arose. The Bible says - about 500.

2. There were enemy eyewitnesses too, who were unable to refute the facts. Start with those two guards who were paid to watch Jesus' tomb. They must have been believed by their superiors or they should have been killed for failing at their job.

3. As for the story that the disciples stole Jesus' body; it is absurd if you think through the facts. Start with the fact that they were too terrified and numb with shock to do anything at all. If that were possible, how would anyone have got away with it considering the thorough and cruel Roman occupation army? The Jewish leaders gave that theory as their official response, but it was a grasping at straws for answers. It did not satisfy back then either, but was given out by those who refused to face the truth.

4. Many of Jesus' followers died for their faith in a resurrected Lord. Would so many die for something they knew to be a lie? That is evidence for the resurrection of Jesus!

5. The facts are there for those willing to study them; that Jesus was dead, but is now alive forever more. Hundreds of thousands over the last 2000 years have experienced His presence in their lives, some have seen Him in the flesh and some in visions, so this is the most legally documented evidence for the resurrection in all earthly history. Judges make decisions every day even now on far less substantive proofs.

Notice that the above five evidences are more factual and legal in nature. What about the witness in your own spirit or heart? If you have trusted in Christ for salvation and have walked the Christian life for even a short while, you should know from within the depths of your being - where your spirit resides - that Jesus Christ is truly risen from the dead and very much alive. If you can learn to articulate your faith and confidence, it may very well have much more impact on those you witness too, than the above factual proofs.

More people are convinced because of a transformed person that they can meet and talk with, than that convinced by historical facts. There are some who really think they need historical and water-tight court house arguments, mostly they have made up their minds not to believe the gospel and are stalling you if they ask for evidences of the resurrection. This is why is is good to have the above basic five points (there are more!) ready to share, but don't forget to share also how Jesus Christ is very real and alive in your own life!

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