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Overcoming Fear

Those excuses listed on the index page? When we examine them closely we see that the main root cause for most of them, is fear. The solution lies then, in overcoming fear. Perhaps even several fears.

Ah, but the Lord has answers for each one!

First of all, witnessing for Christ is likely out of our comfort zone because we haven't really done it yet. We are imagining embarrassing put-downs and outright ridicule or an angry backlash, and we turn timid.

The simple answer is to prepare ourselves beforehand, and then to just go ahead and do it. The more experiences we have at witnessing the more chances we have to overcome those nebulous fears.>

At the same time we should study and apply God's promises. Believe Him more than those subtle whispers of Satan who is actively trying to prevent us from witnessing. That is his main weapon. So a measure of that fear is not just timidity, it is a spiritual attack. To give in to it, is to let Satan have victory in our spiritual lives. What is more, we will lose ground in other areas of our lives if we listen to him.

I know for a fact that the more time I spent in God's Word, and in prayer that truly worships and delights in the Lord, the less trouble I have in overcoming those fear jitters.

Remember, we get rid of darkness by turning on the light.

The gospels in the New Testament tell several stories of Jesus and His disciples being on the lake, where they were easily fearful. But Jesus told them their fear was a lack of faith. So another approach is to grow our faith and confidence in God. This involves a little more than just resolving that we will no longer be afraid, but we'll go into that in greater depth at another time.

Mind you, it can help to remind ourselves to care more about the other person's eternal destiny and need of Christ, than our own comfort zone. If we are focused on courageously loving and caring for others - we will be surprised to discover that the person we approach respects us for that. Others are hungry for true love and concern, and if you do that first and foremost, they will lap it up like a thirsty kitten or puppy.

Our passion (love) and zeal (enthusiasm) will go a long way to mask or overcome fears, but keep your head in gear too, for some times a healthy fear can keep us from stupid things, like leaping off a cliff, or saying truly foolish things.

Let's get back to my first point; preparation.

Sure, witnessing can be as simple as "one beggar" telling "another beggar" where he or she has found bread. But to really integrate witnessing into our lifestyle we should take time to learn the key steps and points about salvation, and to stock ourselves - in convenient places - with tools like tracts and books, even Bibles - to give away at the right moment.

You use these tools to reinforce the points you are making in a personal conversation.

Okay, let's concede that some folks only have the courage to drop a tract in an obvious place where others may find them, and this has actually led some spiritually hungry people to pick them up, read them, and make a decision to receive Christ as their Saviour. However, when you can mature to having conversations in your witnessing opportunities you will be more involved and more fruitful more frequently.

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