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Is the Bible True?

Is the Bible true? 10 Reasons Why  I Believe the Bible is the Word of God

Is the Bible true? Are YOU convinced?

Christians need to review their answers to these questions. We will always flounder until we are fully convinced that God and His Word is true without a single exception. If you have yet to do that, you will be surprised at how It boosts our faith ti fully believe.

When we are witnessing we often run into conversations where we the other person challenges us on this. They may have heard a teacher or other person mock and put down the Bible, (Satan loves to get people to do that), so they have picked up a negative, distrustful attitude even though they have never researched or even thought it through.

Are you worried about defending the Bible? That something in the Bible isn't true?

Don't be. God's Word is like a powerful lion. You don't have to defend a lion. It will take care of it's own reputation.

But it doesn't hurt to have a few facts about the Bible ready to share. Speak about these confidently, and then God can use your voice to reveal these truths to your listener.

1. The witnesses agree; even though the writers of the various books in the Bible wrote over a number of centuries, didn't know each other personally, and were from diverse backgrounds, cultures and even languages.

2. Lots of historical and archeological evidence confirms the facts in the Bible. Look into it some time, and challenge your listener to do the same. You will be amazed.

3. The Bible is the most hated and the most popular book of all time. Sales never die out, they only increase! It has been the BEST seller since the invention of the printing press! So each of us should at least take a closer look and READ it.

Without talking down to the person you are witnessing to, challenge him or her to prove;
-- any error in the Bible (those who have honestly tried have usually been converted).
-- the source of the lie, that the Bible isn't true.

Remember, the Bible is God's living, powerful Word and message to mankind. He created the world and each of us, - so He is quite able to preserve and protect His Book from those who ask, whether teasingly, or belligerently, "is the Bible true"". More than that, it is alive with His Spirit, and like a living Sword, so people who come to read it honestly and fairly WILL be affected by it.

Our job is to read, obey and love it ourselves. Let your devotion show. Even if you can't persuade a person to trust Christ as Saviour, if you can lure them to reading the Bible you can expect God to work with them. If your witnessing does nothing more than attract someone to the Bible, so they go away to really read it, you have been very successful! Rejoice!

P.S. Note. Our mission has re-published a booklet, first published hundreds of years ago, that very articulately gives ten solid reasons why we can believe the Bible to be God's Word. You will find it here; 10 Reasons Why I Believe the Bible is the Word of God.

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