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More Witnessing Conversation Starters

We'll finish this list with ten more ideas for witnessing conversation starters.

contrasting gloves as conversation starter

7. Wear odd clothes - as an illustration. An illustration of - the gospel, or, your testimony. This idea needs some discretion as it can go many ways, and it may not work with everyone you meet.

For example, if you wear one black sock and one white one, you can refer to the fact that the black illustrates our sin nature in the human race; while the white sock refers to the righteousness of Christ that is given to us when we receive Him as our personal Saviour.

Or, you might wear a special large button or pin that causes people to ask questions, and your answers go right to your testimony or allow you to describe the gospel in a nutshell.

If you are really creative this could be used in many ways! An unusual hat, or a T-Shirt with a quote or Bible verse. It's those who have no real inhibitions who enjoy many more witnessing conversation starters just be being willing to look odd.

8. Notice and comment on what others wear. The people you meet may have unusual jewelry, piercings or tattoos. Ask them about these and what they mean to them. Most often they are wearing them to attract attention and questions, so they will welcome your interest. But if you think about these things ahead of time, you can use these oddities, or decorations as a parable to illustrate spiritual truths and get a good conversation going which you can steer to be about Christ.

9. Ask about their religious or cultural symbols. If their clothing is meant to indicate their culture or religion, you are safe in asking questions that show curiosity and interest. But once they have given their explanations you can turn around and say how this reminds you of certain things the Bible says.

10. The meaning of their name. - A name may not be as obvious as funky, or unusual dress, but most people wear their name with pride. Their name, or meaning of it, may match a Bible name and it's meaning. Or simply a concept related to the human condition and need for salvation, or God's love and call for us to repent and receive Christ, etc. Talking about the meaning of names, and stteering to how important they are to God in the Bible - will give you many more witnessing conversation starters. You'll just need to become adept at bringing the conversation to the gospel before you go off on other tangents.

You may need to be mentally alert and quick to use the next few Christmas-time witnessing conversation starters, However, if you have some experience in life, you can easily handle some of these ideas. Lean on the help of the Holy Spirit to guide you. You may be tremendously surprised at the ideas He gives you just at the moment you most need one.

You may think that as Christmas approaches no one is interested or has time to talk about spiritual things.


There are people who hear or even sing Christmas carols and wish they could discuss the meanings with someone. There are also many lonely singles who mope and are discouraged throughout the Christmas season. Often all of December. So your opportunities to witness and talk of Christ are abundant at this time of year. Go for it! Look for more witnesing conversation starters like these.

11. Answer ordinary questions in a non-ordinary way. If you are alert,you can turn any mention of Christmas (or any other theme) to Christ. Especially at the time of year when Christians celebrate His birth.

12. Witness in the third person (ie. tell them about another interesting conversation you recently had, witnessing of course). This will cause the person in conversation to ask questions, or to react in some way. If you know what you want to say, and the points you want to drive home to this person's heart - you are on the way!

13. If nothing comes to you for a conversation starter, how about the direct approach? Simply ask directly if they would like to hear the gospel. There is a good chance they will say, "yes." Or allow that you may start. If God gives you that much of an opening, go for it. See if you can't share the whole gospel before they try to stop you.

Some of these witnessing conversation starters may seem too obvious, but we haven't mentioned them yet.

14. Why not take your chances of finding someone open to hear the gospel by going door to door. Some will refuse to talk with you, perhaps slam the door in your face. But then you quickly know where they stand!

On the other hand, you may discover someone who is hungry and spiritually thirsty to know of a Saviour, and they have been totally over-looked in the distribution of the Bread of Life, or the Living Water. You could be the one who gets to present the answers they need so desperately.

15. You can capture interest through special objects. To that end some evangelists always carry in their pockets things like; a wordless book - it has coloured pages that summarize the gospel. Or, an evangicube, where every side tells another part of the gospel story. Others carried a pressed penny which has the ten commandments engraved on it in tiny font, or a colour-coded bracelet, or.... perhaps a rope trick. Any of these can hold attention for a few minutes, long enough to get you started on explaining the gospel message.

16. Alternatively, you could just ask, "May I ask you an interesting question?"

Curiosity usually has them allow as you could ask one question. You have a great question ready, don't you?

17. Maybe this last conversation starter is the best one; simply look to see what an individual needs help with, lifting something, carrying something, moving it from here to there. Helping them find something if it is lost, fixing something that was just broken if you have such a skill. (A mangled bike would be beyond me).

The point is, if you have a humble, servant heart, God will open up a perfect opportunity for you. Simply be ready to help folks, and they will be glad to let you talk and share what is important to you!

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