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Start Witnessing Conversations

start witnessing conversations

I've got a list of 17 ways how to start witnessing conversations, but as I begin to share it I'm sure new ideas will come. Since I won't get them covered in one session, feel free to add your own ideas. Brainstorm together with some friends and you will come up with even more!

1. Prepare a survey with just 2 or 3 questions on a card. Make sufficient copies of the cards so that when you get home you can actually count up the results. Your questions can be as simple as - What do you know/believe about God? About Heaven? About Hell? How do you think this world came to be? (Creation question).

Controversial questions will stir up a lively conversation, so prepare by researching and considering what your counterview will be, and decide on methods to steer intense, or argumentative individuals to the topic you really want to discuss, their need of the Lord Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

2. Hand them something. See? This is where you need a supply of tracts and gospel booklets on you!

Not everyone will accept what you offer, but most people are gracious, or at least curious when you offer them something for free. It gives you a starting point for your conversation. Think through ahead of time, what responses you will give to their reactions. It doesn't hurt to take a minute just to be friendly, but make your answers such that you can quickly, or momentarily, guide the direction of the talk again.

3. Simply ask casual questions that show interest in them personally, such as;
where are you going?
what are you doing next?
what do you think of this ..................... issue?

You don't have to make profound, quotable pronouncements. They might make you quickly "unwanted." Instead, just show yourself friendly.

4. Drop hints to indicate that you are a Christian, or are interested in spiritual things. You can do this by mentioning that you are going to a Bible study tonight (or tomorrow, or whenever it will be) and that you look forward to this.

You could even be more direct by saying that you are attending a regular Bible study, where you have learned some things that you now firmly believe. This may draw them out to ask about your beliefs.

5. Learn from them. Another great method is to ask questions to find out what work they do, or if they are in a certain profession.

You could ask what country they are from, or their culture if you see some clues. But always ask polite, curious questions so they don't feel threatened. You are not the police - be sure to show that you just want to get to know them better in a friendly way.

(Of course, you don't want to immediately judge them, but rather just understand so you can choose your gentle approach more carefully).

6. Use current events. Some people are very much aware of daily news, and are eager to express their opinions on what is on the media. A few minutes sounding out their thoughts on such topics can give you clues as to how they feel about life in general. Or, you can ask new questions to spring from current events to life views. Even something as simple as asking if God is aware or in control of these "news" events.

We'll continue with the rest of these 17 tips for starting witnessing conversations here:

Witnessing List
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