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How To Witness

how to witness - be friendly

Here are nine very simple how to witness tips. Little things can make a difference, but sometimes we have to study to simplify our techniques.

How to Witness # 1. First of all, make eye-contact with the person you are talking with. That can do two things; you are more likely to pick up intuitively how open or closed they are, and what they are feeling - at the same time, they get a sense of your compassion and care and true interest in them personally. (Of course, you are coming to this with a heart of compassion, aren't you?)

How to Witness # 2. Be friendly! Ask a get-acquainted question or two first.

How to Witness # 3. Go together with someone, so one can pray while the other talks, and maybe catch a cue the talking partner misses. Working in pairs is also safer, if things go wrong.

How to Witness # 4. Share your testimony. Tell how you sensed your need, what you did to trust Christ, and how He has changed your life since then.

How to Witness # 5. Share the gospel in three simple points;
1. Their sickness and its consequence (sin and death)
2. The cure (Christ's death and resurrection)
3. How to take the cure (repent and believe)

How to Witness # 6. Open a Bible and show them the verses you are quoting or referring to. That will make the words more real to them, not just going in one ear and other the other. The can be true even if they have never heard of the Bible before.

How to Witness # 7. Some spiritual concepts can be understood better with a simply-drawn illustration, such as two high cliffs, with a stick person wanting to get a cross. Then you draw a cross laid across the chasm, and the person can get to Heaven through Jesus' death on the cross. (You may want to practice one or two of these line-drawings ahead of time, so it doesn't hold up your conversation).

How to Witness # 8. Use analogies. Compare the invisible spiritual truths to something you can see. It will make the truth easier to grasp for some people.

How to Witness # 9. Be Net-savvy. If you know of a good website that explains salvation well, have the URL to that site on a card to give to them. Do this at the end though, or your conversation may be over quicker than it needs to be.

Let's try to condense these nine tips.

Make eye-contact,

   start friendly (with a partner),

     and tell them what Christ has done for you.

Explain the gospel in three points;

   Problem: sin and death

    The Cure: Christ's death and resurrection

     How to: repent and believe!

Use an open Bible

   Use illustrations - drawings or stories

    Use analogies - if needed

     Give good web URLS.

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