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Where to Witness

Are you wondering - where to witness? There are some places where wel will find people ready to hear us; these are like the better fishing areas.

In the last article we found three simple guidelines as to whom to witness to when we have choices;
our own gender first,
and those closest to our own age,
and that young ladies should not do this alone.

That still leaves a broad range, but our next question was; where is the best place to find them? Assuming e have witnessed to our family and close friends, as we should - shall we try witnessing next in a public place?

Simply, yes! If a government authority, or a business owner gets upset, you want to move along, but some ideal locations for where to witness are - parks, town festivals, parades, farmers' markets, tailgating at sports events, shopping areas, college campuses, your school, town squares, bus stops, rest areas, concerts, public sidewalks, country fairs. And say, what about in your own neighbourhood?

What if at the Great Judgment someone being turned away into hell, says reproachfully to you; "I saw you in my neighbourhood and thought you had something special - but you seemed to avoid me!"

places where to witness

In fact, your neighbourhood may be your best training area where to witness; if they know who you are, they are less likely to slam the door in your face than if you were a stranger. Instinctively, most people do not trust strangers who come to their door with an apparent motive to persuade them of something new. However, if they recognize you as a neighbour, and you start with friendly small talk, and genuine concern for them as individuals, they will hear you out. (Well, I suppose almost every neighbourhood has at least one, hard-hearted Scrooge).

With time and practice you can learn to strike up a conversation with anyone anywhere at any time, for there are opportunities all around us. There are more than anyone person can take - unless you keep very busy at it. However, if you do - you should have no trouble finding places where to witness.

It is wise to make plans as to where you would like to go - however, like the disciple, Philip, be open to when the Holy Spirit leads you and wants to take you to a new place where to witness, one where you have not been before, or might not have noticed.

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