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speak to your own age and gender first when there is a choice...

Witness to Whom?

We've covered a lot of background so far in this series. Now you are ready and asking, witness to whom? Where shall we find the people to witness to?

It is good to pray for guidance, but not to the point where you have to count the hairs on their head to see if you've found the right person to whom you will witness.

Here's just three simple guidelines to help you decide - witness to whom - for when you see two or more people near you;

   First, turn naturally to the person of your own gender. Just because - if there is a male and a female, and you choose the opposite gender - they might get the wrong impression. (It's a given that you leave sexual conquest out of your Christian witnessing, right?)

   If there is only one person available to witness to, and that person appears open to casual, non-sexual conversation, then you can consider it, no matter what the gender. If you are in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, He will give you a sense of warning if you should back off.

Secondly, young ladies should not go witnessing in public alone, anyway. You should have a friend or suitable companion with you. This is for the sake of your own reputation. That's something you understand better as you get older.

Thirdly, when there are choices as in witness to whom, - zero in first on the ones of your own age or younger. Not that you need to be afraid of older adults, but your age or younger, are more likely to give you a hearing.

Please don't make whom to witness too, a great big issue in your life. Just learn the above three basic points like an etiquette rule, and it will come naturally to you. Speak to your own gender and age first when there is a choice, but listen for the coaching of the Holy Spirit also. And, if you are a teen girl, or a young inexperienced woman, always have a suitable partner.

(I don't want to scare you, but there are predators out there who will play along with you for a few minutes and then force you into a compromising or even deadly situation. Satan doesn't want us witnessing, and if he sees you are naive enough to be tricked, he's find someone to do it sooner or later).

We'll talk about where to find people to witness to in the next article; Where to Witness

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