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More Confidence in Witnessing

Are you still shrinking back, needing more confidence in witnessing? Are you afraid of initiating conversations about Jesus and the other person's need for salvation?

Then here's a few points for you to gain more confidence in witnessing.

Don't forget to invite and consider the Holy Spirit present to help you. If you struggle to do this in your own strength you WILL run into difficulties and fail - frequently.

It's not the end of the world, if they ask you a question to which you don't have an answer. You can't be expected to know everything, but you can research and find out. So simply say, (cheerfully), something like this, "I'm afraid I don't have the answer, but I will look for it. If we can meet again, I'll let you know."

Think of such questions as your cue to build a longer term relationship. Remember you are not out to just shoot out so many gospel bullets and walk away. You are trying to gain a new brother or sister in Christ. That should give you more confidence in witnessing!

Besides, none of us believers are ever finished studying God's Word. We can be learning more right into our old age, if God has us live that long. Even the most learned and articulate preacher has to keep learning.

If you remember that we are all on a life-long learning journey, and your attitude shows that, you are more likely to impress the person you are witnessing to with your pure motives and humility. They will respect you for walking by the "light" you have and being open to continued learning. At the same time confidence in witnessing will grow on you.

It's that attitude: "I know everything and you're dumb" - that grates on people like velcro rubbed the wrong way. That's the main "Don't:" in all of this.

Go into your witnessing with confidence, as learning situations, and the attitude that will be reflected back to you is far more likely to be curiosity in meeting a real Christian - one they can pump with questions.

You will sometimes meet people who have closed minds and only want to hate and torment you, but with a gentle and confident attitude, you are far more often likely to run into people who are full of curious and interested questions. They find you safe to talk with, when you start witnessing.

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