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Being Afraid is Good

Does witnessing one-on-one, verbally, with other people make you nervous and shy?

Being afraid is good!

That fear will keep you from blundering in there and messing things up for the Holy Spirit who wants to lead you and me in this very precious ministry. That feat should drive us to pray and to seek some training. We should think through why we want to share the gospel - get our motives right - and the best, most productive approaches to use.

Some years ago, I was training some university students in church, to teach Childrens Church during the sermon part of the Sunday morning service. These big, tall fellas were studying education and wanted to be teachers, but they were nervous.

I told them, Being afraid is good!" This would make them careful to do and say the right thing, and they would be ready to hear advice. If they were not nervous I would be worried that they would do sloppy work.

Now, in the case of witnessing one-on-one, Jesus said to His disciples (that includes us) that He would make them/us fishermen. Fishermen cast their nets or lures and draw in the fish. There is a bit of an art to it, and Jesus is ready and waiting to teach us.

So, from the very beginning, let's not try to do this by our own wits and strength. Let's pray and tell Jesus that we are ready and willing to learn this 'fishing for souls' from Him. He's the Master at it. We may as well learn from the best!

Remember, witnessing is not a favour we do for the Lord, hoping to impress Him. He is taking us on as apprentices and wants to teach us His best, and most effective skills.

If we can draw anyone in to trust Jesus Christ for salvation, to cleanse them of sin and shame, and to walk with Him the rest of their lives, we are being used by Jesus to build HIS Church. When we see it from this perspective it is a totally different matter than if we see witnessing as a duty that we must perform to get into Heaven.

There. Aren't you glad now that you are nervous and not blundering into this important work in your own strength? Being afraid is good. Turn to Jesus and tell Him that you are ready to learn from Him. If you are a good student/disciple of His, you can be sure you will become quite an expert at witnessing.

Notice - I haven't said "soul-winning" - because that is the Holy Spirit's part.

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