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Tom M. Olson

From an older tract in our founder's scrapbooks is one by Tom M. Olson, who shares his experiences with tracts and their many uses.

He confessed that he was interested in tracts and read them before he was even saved as a teen. He distributed tracts in a boyish fashion and soon craved and prayed for the privilege of distributing one million tracts in his lifetime. He points out that this is possible if you distribute a thousand tracts each week for 20 years.

Now that is a lot of tracts distributed, so I thought it would be worthwhile to consider what Tom M. Olson says about evangelizing with tracts.

It was his contention that anyone can spread the Gospel of Christ by distributing tracts. In fact, any Christian who doesn't do this is losing some wonderful opportunities and fruitfulness for God.

With a methodical plan, it need only take seconds or moments to tactfully hand a tract to co-workers, fellow travellers, or to place one on a seat or window where others are likely to find it.

They can also be read to the blind, the ill, or the dying, and used for conversation starters. You can quote from them in your conversations or speeches and sermons.

Most of all, it is the least expensive method of sharing the Gospel. That was true in the 1940s, and is still true in 2015.

This man, Tom M. Wilson, made it his full-time service, to distribute tracts in as many ways as he could find. He did this from door to door and from town to town, placing up to 500 tracts each day in his quest to distribute one million tracts in his lifetime.

I'll be sharing a few more of his stories from his experiences. I'd like to study his ways to see how much of that could still be done today. Some say it can't; I want to explore that for the truth.

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