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God Uses Discarded Tracts

After writing last week about Tom M. Olson, especially his story of how God uses discarded tracts, I went to prayer and asked the Lord what I should do to distribute more tracts. Even though I work with the production of them for our mission, I have excused myself with thoughts like, "I can't afford any right now," and, "Well, I just don't get out among people very much." However, Tom Olson's example convicted me that I could do more.

So I have resolved to budget just $5 a month for a handful of tracts, (that pays for about 50), and then to keep them on me and keep alert for creative ways to distribute them.

Since I try to reserve Sunday evenings for answering personal mail, this last Sunday, I tucked one into each of the 9 letters I wrote. It may take me a while to get a good habit of handing out tracts, but at least I've made a start. May I suggest you make a small start too?

Going back to Tom's tract, which I referred to last week, I see some examples of how God uses discarded tracts as seeds of the Gospel.

One man walking to work on a rainy morning, noticed a piece of paper on the sidewalk, all wet and tread upon. He picked it up and was able to read a tract/story entitled, "$35,000 Spurned for a Son". He immediately thought of ten people who should read that, and since he found the publisher's imprint, he contacted them to ask for copies.

So that one discarded tract led to increased circulation of itself.

Some believers may be discouraged from a tract ministry because they have watched someone throw a tract in a waste basket with disgust. That doesn't mean God is finished with it. Olson tells of a janitor in New York city, who found one in a waste basket and made the effort to write for another dime's worth of the tract.

We have one such tract published by our mission, called, "30th Street Station" which is the testimony of a tract found by a janitor and leading to salvation. This happens more often than we can realize. Definitely, God uses discarded tracts.

Next time I'll share some creative ways others use to distribute tracts.

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