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Our name has officially changed to Impact Canada Ministries as of February 2015.
We are building a new site at Impact-Canada.org
However, this site will remain as a silent witness to the glory of God.

Index of Stories & Testimonies

We had a blog up on this site for a while.This is an index of stories and testimonies we found in our older material, but also that came up in our work quite frequently. We wanted our staff to conserve these testimonies of individuals' faith in in Jesus for salvation, and especially those who had been saved through our tract and literature ministry over nearly 75 years.

At the same time we realized that many people today hesitate to witness to others of their faith and to invite them to also place their faith in Jesus Christ. Therefore, we hoped to add encouragement and teaching that would cause readers to take up such a personal ministry.

Some changes in the ministry overall, caused us to give up the blog - at least on this old site. But since I, (Ruth Marlene Friesen), had invested some time in collecting stories and testimonies, and the old site was put into my care, I decided to turn these posts into regular webpages so they can endure and continue to bless and minister to readers.

Tom M. Olson
God Uses Discarded Tracts

Series on Witnessing

Being Afraid is Good
Overcoming Fear
Basic Tract Tips
Asking Questions
Questions to Ask When Witnessing
More Confidence in Witnessing
10 Prayer Ideas About Witnessing
When They Aren't So Friendly
More Confidence-in-Witnessing
Keep Your Joy
Witness to Whom?
Where to Witness?
How to Witness (9 Tips)
How to Start Witnessing Conversations
More Witnessing Conversation Starters
Foundations of Christian Faith
Compare Jesus to Other Religious Leaders
Is the Bible True?
Evidence for the Resurrection
Start Witnessing!
Creative Ways to Distribute Tracts
4 Saved Through Tracts
Three 1940s Testimonies
Too Shy to Ask
Assurance of Salvation
A Sunday School Boy
Soliloquy by Magna
Definite Acceptance Cards
More Saved Through Tracts
Lydia Found What Was Lacking
God Will Save Us!
Ten Tract Distributors

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