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Proudly Canadian
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Adopt Priscilla McCormick as YOUR Missionary

Priscilla McCormick - Administrative Assistant, bookkeeper, shipper, hostess - General office missionary

Priscilla McCormick is the Administrative Assistant, bookkeeper, shipper, and hostess in the office. Her hearty laughter and energy inspires others and creates a cheerful atmosphere in the mission office. she is available to share her touching testimony to women's groups, as she has done on occasion.

Raising three lovely young ladies has its challenges, and adds more adventures in Priscilla's story.

She too, sometimes experiences a real drop in support. It would ease tension to know it will come regularly. Would you like to adopt Priscilla and be her partner in serving the Lord?

Support Options:

For your convenience, we suggest a Direct Deposit directive, if you make a decision for regular, monthly giving. Not only does it help Priscilla to breathe easier, it saves you the bother of remembering to write a cheque and post it on a regular basis. Call us at 306-244-0446 or use our Contact Form to Reach Us to make the arrangements. (choose "donations" on the drop-down menu at the top of the form).

Or, simply write VOID across one of your cheques (so it will not be cashed) but can be used to set up the Direct Deposit account at our credit union. Please indicate along with it, the amount, and the date of the month you want the withdrawals to be made, and which missionary it is to go to, or perhaps even for the general fund of Western Tract Mission, Inc. (which is always in need too!)

If you would prefer to give a one-time gift with your card via PayPal that is gratefully received too! (PayPal will take a fee off for their services). Just click this Donate button, and make sure to indicate in your comment section that this gift is intended for Priscilla.

Of course, we are still happy to receive cheques in the mail too, despite what you may hear about cheques and real money becoming obsolete.

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