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Musical-Dessert Night with Beam Family

Our 2013 Musical Dessert Night was held Wednesday, April 24, at the Rock of Ages Church at 130 Kingsmere Place, in Saskatoon; here is a photo story review.

table spread with desserts

The WTM staff and workers arrived about 5:30 pm, and set up the round tables and chairs, and sorted out the dessert trays and platters that arrived in the kitchen. Susan Buhler was put in charge, and soon the desserts were set out on the long table in the gym area, as well as the table with the coffee, tea, water, etc., and it soon had fruits and veggies there too.

Carolyn Loewen unpacking some butter tarts in the kitchen

There are always last minute things to do, such as slicing strawberries, or unpacking Caroyln's yummy butter tarts.

Judy Petlikau slicing her strawberries

Priscilla trimming the tulips

Priscilla had to go back to the office for something, and stopped to pick up some tulips as well....

These added a lovely finishing touch to the dessert table!

Before long the guests started to arrive. Chantal (Blackmore) Unruh, one of our roving camera reporters caught a number of faces in the audience.

three friends, Corena, Judy and Nancy came together Joe Homontowski with former WTM workers Helen and Wendell Klassen

Three friends, Coreen, Judy, and Nancy came together.

Joe Homontowski greeted former WTM workers, Helen and Wendell Klassen.

room scene as the gym filled up with guests attenders settling into the room

Guests settling in around the tables in the gym of Rock of Ages Church.

Barry and Priscilla McCormick some of our very faithful supporters

      Some of our very faithful supporters.

Barry and Priscilla McCormick,
who did a lot of work behind the scenes.

Arnold Stobbe, director, opened the evening

Arnold Stobbe, director, opened the evening's program with greetings, and prayer, and then called on the Beam family for their music.

WTM workers, Linda Unger, Helen Hou and Ruth Friesen, with Ron Derksens in background

Almost 120 people were present, and very attentive to the music of the Beam family, who had a number of good solid hymns, done in various groupings of the parents and their six children, Amy, Joshua, Caleb, Joel, Josiah, and Melodie.

Beam family singing - Joel hidden at keyboard closeup of 2 sisters, Melodie and Amy

Different views of the Robin and Joanne Beam family, who are sheep farmers a short distance from Leask. (It has been a busy lambing time for them).

three of the Beam sons The Beam men, father and sons singing together

Three of the sons singing, and then all the Beam men, father and sons singing together.

Amy and her mother, Joanne Beam singing a duet sisters Amy and Melodie playing violins

Amy and her mother, Joanne Beam singing a duet, and then Amy and her sister Melodie, playing violins.

close up of violinist and keyboardist Robin Beam commenting

Throughout, Robin Beam, the father, made appropriate comments and introductions to the musical numbers of the family.

Between the first and second package of musical numbers, Arnold returned to the mike to announce that the staff would put on a skit about Life at WTM on Wednesday Afternoons. Joe Homontowski was the narrator, and took the guests on a virtual tour from Priscilla's office at the door, to Penny's Mailbox Club office, and the correctors, and then up to Ruth's office upstairs, where other volunteers help her on some computers. - Unfortunately, we have no photos of the skit.

Rick and Beryl Harbidge reporting on their missionary work

Our missionaries to Ethnic groups, Rick and Beryl Harbidge, from Cayley, Alberta, gave a report on their work. They make friends very easily, as their reports show, and as is evidenced by the increase of loyal friends here in Saskatoon, after their visit every year.

Joanne and son Joel at the keyboard together Joanne Beam in a solo

Joanne and son Joel together at the keyboard, - then Joanne Beam in a solo.

sisters Amy and Melodie singing together.

And the sisters, Amy and Melodie singing together again.

prayers of dedication by Archie Loewen and Harvey

Arnold explained the fund-raiser and how we need funds to finish our mailing of our Impact Canada booklet to the rest of Prince Edward Island. He pointed out the baskets and envelopes on each table. Then he called on Archie Loewen, chairman of the Board and Harvey .... for prayers of dedication for these funds and the Impact Canada project.

guests going past fruits and drinks table

After this all were urged to go see the desserts tables and enjoy some treats while visiting with friends.

A lot of choices at this table!

A lot of choices at this table!

The offering gathered that evening were well over $5000, but in the next week or so, more came in by mail, so that now the amount stands at $6350. We are grateful to our friends and supporters and we praise God! Yes, we will be able to reach the rest of Prince Edward Island this year!

Our Goal is ultimately to reach all of Canada, and we will continue to work at this huge project as long as God gives us life. This chart shows how far we have come to-date.

Impact Canada Chart, as of May 2013

We welcome - oh, we encourage you to get involved in sharing the gospel with every home in Canada, through systematic mailings that sends a booklet with five true testimonies and a clear call to receive Christ to every home where Canada Post delivers. Please contact us if you would like to speed up this plan. Also many more prayer warriors are needed!

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