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How Pastor Reuben Distributes Tracts

If you are not familiar with tract distribution for evangelism purposes you may wonder how Pastor Reuben distributes the tracts he has printed. He has sent some photos to illustrate his methods - which are quite easy to follow.

here is simply sharing and reading the tract with a young man.
Reuben is sharing a tract with a
young man, just reading and
discussing it together.
a woman at a well stops to read the tract just given to her
A woman he met at a well stops
to read the tract too.
a mother in a house full of children takes a tract
A mother with her house full of
children accepts a tract.
now the distributor is reading the tract together with an older man
Reuben is reading the tract together
- perhaps to - an older man.
another woman with one child is reading the tract
In this house another woman with
a child is reading the tract.
an older woman is reading the tract just received
An older woman sits down to read
the tract she has just received.

The Distributors Visit a Prison to Distribute Tracts

prisoners in line-up for meal
Distributors go to a prison to share the tracts.
they wait as the prisoners they eat their meager meal.
They wait as the prisoners eat their meal.
Now the prisoners are seated, ready to listen
Now the prisoners are seated, ready to listen.
After an introduction the distributors pass out the tracts
After an introduction the distributors pass out the tracts to everyone.
these men stay seated and start reading
These men stay seated and start reading.
a show of hands - decision time?
A show of hands - decision time?
See all the bowed heads? Souls saved?

See all the bowed heads? Souls saved?

Pastor Reuben shared with us his visitation and tract distribution plan;

When I was starting to distribute the tracts, I first welcome them, and I just read the two Bible verses, Blessed are they whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered, Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will never count against him. Rom.4:7-8.. and For God so love the world that He gave His only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16).

Then I just explain how God entered into the world and why God loves the sinners, that I was preaching a few minutes and I explained about that Someone is calling you and to day is the day of Salvation and His gift salvation is now available for you, my friend. Now my God whom I serve Him is ready for you to save if you believe, accept Him as your Savior, He is waiting you and welcome you, please come to Him and believe Him, God can forgive your sin, brother, please accept. God does not want your spirit to go to Hell. My friend, my God loves you. He want to save you, He is calling you, my God is ready to forgive your sin, please bow down and I will pray for you. . . .Amen.

I ask them, "please lift your hand if you are ready to accept Jesus as your Savior," and as you reading the tract, that Someone is calling you, how many people's heart touched by reading the tracts, please lift your hands. In the case of the prisoners, 27 prisoners lifted their hands and responded by receiving Christ as their Saviour.

Pastor Reuben is praising God for the 27 prisoners who lifted their hands and responded, and accept Christ as their Savior.

Naturally, you can use the distributions methods that work best in your country, or what you feel God has called you to do. But we trust that sharing Pastor Reuben's ways will inspire you to try it too!

[Go back to see how Pastor Reuben printed a tract from our website to distribute.]

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