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The walkers who raised funds and participated in the 2014 walkathon

2014 Walkathon in Photos

Come, see our 2014 Walkathon in photos as we show you our most successful Walkathon ever, despite the rains. It was begun as a memorial by his family for their son, Mark Jenkins, who died in an accident as a teenager.

Normally, we meet at the Kinsmen Park, car-pool to Mark's memorial tree up on the north end of Spadina Crescent, and then walk back to the Park where we have our barbecue picnic. Because of the heavy rains again this year, we met in Harold and Katie Barth's garage nearby, and did our Walkathon from there.

partipants who stood near the door to listen our particpants listening to the short memorial service at the beginning.
The particpants as they sat and stood, listening to the short memorial ceremony at the beginning.

Mark Jenkin's brother lighting the memorial candle Barb Jenkins reading the memorial history and purpose of this walkathon
Mark's brother lit the memorial candle, while his mother. . .

Barb Jenkins read the memorial history and the purpose for this Walk - to remember Mark, and to raise funds for Western Tract Mission's Impact Canada campaign.

walkers starting out after the group photos Walkers starting out
After the traditional group photo shots (see top of page), the walkers bravely started out - rain or no rain! We even had some participants who had never taken part before. We were thrilled to see this.

more heading out down the streets towards the MarkJenkins' tree The Jenkins handed out yellow capes from their car
The Jenkins were handing out capes from their car trunk, but some hardy souls declined all offers of umbrellas or capes.

Harold Barth, our host grilling the sausage

Ruth counted monies and spread out the food
Meanwhile, Harold Barth, our host, took care of grilling the donated sausage on their deck, and Ruth Friesen counted the sponsor monies that had been turned in to see who would get the prizes for the best fund-raising. She also spread the picnic food on the table inside the garage door, and cut up the jumbo watermelon. . .

the Mark Jenkins' memorial tree planted by the city The first walkers returning!
The destination goal for the Walkathon was the Mark Jenkin's Memorial tree which the city of Saskatoon planted in his memory. Some only walked that far, up to the tree, and then got a ride back to the Barths.

Some insisted on walking both ways! We are proud of them! Here are the girls that were the first to get back.

Priscilla McCormick was the last one in Priscilla, our top prize-winning walker was the last one in - she had walked both ways.

eating the barbecued sausages on buns, with condiments, and watermelon
Naturally, no one needed coaxing to help themselves at the table and enjoy eating the barbecued sausage on a bun, and the sweet watermelon.

Barb Jenkins cutting the beautiful annual memorial cake

The beautiful Mark Jenkins cake up closer
Barb Jenkins cutting the beautiful annual memorial cake. Here it is up close - aren't those red roses lovely?!

Arnold announcing the winners of prizes Priscilla raised more than her Dad so got first choice
Arnold Stobbe, as Director, announced the amount raised, (nearly $9,000), and the top walkers who had raised the most funds.

This year Priscilla had beat out her Dad, with $2,520 raised, and so got first choice at the gift certificates and football t-shirts, etc., which had been donated.

Judy gets to choose her prize Mary Warkentin chooses her prize
We were not fast enough to get photos of all the prize winners, But here are some of them.

Judy Giesbrecht came in third, after Arnold, with $857, and got to choose her prize. Next were the two young girls from Hands On, and also Edna Kessler. Here we see Mary Warkentin next up to pick out her own prize.

Linda Porter was pleased to choose a Huskies' fleece blanket as her prize. Conrad, a first-timer, was able to choose a prize too.
Linda Porter was pleased to choose a Huskies' fleece blanket as her prize. Conrad, a first-timer, was able to choose a prize too.

Another winnner, (not photographed) was a man named Barney, new to us.

Amy Ruten got to choose a prize on behalf of herself and her brother Mike Barb Jenkins picking out a t-shirt for a prize too.
Amy Ruten got to choose a prize on behalf of herself and her brother Mike as they had worked together at fundraising.

The Jenkins always do well at fundraising, and Barb graciously was the last to look over the t-shirts provided by one of their sons who works for the Huskies' football team.

After that it was time to gather up our things, and go home. But we all knew this had been a very special event - our 2014 Walkathon.

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