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2013 Walkathon in Photos

This is only the second time that we had a very rainy day for our Walkathon, but it did not cause us to cancel. We just adjusted the plans a bit.

some sitting on one side in lawn chairs   some sitting on the plank on the right

As happened two years ago, Katie and Harold Barth invited us to the shelter of their garage. Harold uses it for a workshop, so it is extra long. At 10 am, we gathered at the Kinsmen Park parking lot, as announced.

another view of the ones on the right

From there we drove over to the Barths' which is in the sub-division behind the Canarama Mall. Lynn Moen waited at Kinsmen Park another half hour in case others showed up who didn't realize the change in plans.

In the garage we sat and waited, some in lawn chairs and some on benches quickly created by putting planks across some big pails of paint.

the memorial lantern lit for Mark and other loved ones

The opening exercises included a devotional read by Allen Martens, about the raising of Lazarus, and that Jesus wept because of the pain of those left behind. Doug lit the memorial lantern for their son Mark Jenkins, in whose memory his parents have helped to organize this Walkathon for about 11 or 12 years.

Barb Jenkins shared some thoughts about Mark, who died 13 years ago this July. She reviewed the reasons for this Walkathon;
- To pray for our community and Mission needs
- to raise money for mailings of "There is Hope" (Arnold said that we will finish P.E.I. and start another province this year).

Arnold also asked Katie to share the story of how she met Maria, a woman with an amazing testimony.

some leaving to do about half the walk.

The rain had eased up a bit, and some wanted to walk... even if just half the distance. It was agreed that all who had pledged to walk will still do it another day when the weather is more conducive, but some determined, hardy souls decided to go do about half the walk even in the rain. They got rides to the memorial tree and came back to the Barths' which would be about half the usual distance. (Wayne Berg, Arnold Stobbe, Doug and Barb Jenkins and their guests, the Kirchgessner.

more setting out to walk

After some discussion, a few more set out to walk, Priscilla McCormick, Judy Giesbrecht, and Katie Barth. Also Lavonne Derksen and two sons, Micah and Andrew, from Rosthern.

some stayed back to visit and prepare for the barbecue lunch

Some stayed back to visit and prepare for the barbecue lunch. Harold, Lynn Moen, and Joe Homontowski tended the barbecue, with deer meet sausages that Joe had donated.

Joe tending sausages on the barbecue

Joe tending the sausages for a while on the barbecue.

Susan with a basin full of cut up watermelon

Susan Buhler had brought watermelon and cut it up while waiting for the walkers to return.

They arrived within an hour or so.

Katie, Judy, and others returning

First to arrive were Katie, Judy, Priscilla, and a few others. They looked quite wet, but cheerful.

Judy and Priscilla coming into the garage

Here are Judy and Priscilla, ready to shed off some wet jackets. We are proud of them for deciding to do the walk in the rain!

Here's Wayne Berg back again!

Here comes Wayne Berg. He seems to have done okay in keeping himself dry with a light-weight yellow poncho.

last to arrive was the Derksen family

Last to arrive was the Derksen family, Lavonne and two of their sons, Micah and Andrew. (I think they got lost looking for the Barth house).

now it was time to line up for barbecued sausage on a bun...

By now the food was ready and it was time to line up for barbecued sausage on a bun, watermelon...

Memorial Cake to remember Mark Jenkins

And, ...the beautiful Costco cake in memory of Mark Jenkins, who died tragically, just 13 years ago. (See the tract his Mom, Barb Jenkins wrote for the details, The High Cost of Peer Pressure

Arnold announcing funds raised and the winners

Last item on the agenda; Arnold announced the total amount raised, (now $7,217.50), and the top three winners. We usually give prizes to those who have brought in the most for this fund-raiser. As usual, Arnold was Tops at finding sponsors. Priscilla was second and Barb Jenkins was third. Arnold got a package of deer sausage as his prize, (donated by Joe), Prisclla got the gift card for Scott Parable, and Barb got the WalMart card.

Ruth Friesen has been selling some necklaces from Uganda on the side, to raise funds for some girls to go to school there. She offered a free necklace of choice to all the others who had raised funds for this Walkathon, and invited anyone who wished to have another to come purchase from her afterward.

With funds raised so far, we will be able to finish our systematic mailing to Prince Edward Island, and we can start on another Canadian province!

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