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a group shot of the walkathon participants

2012 Walkathon in Photos

Our 8th annual, 2012 walkathon in photos, when we pray and walk/jog/cycle in memory of Mark Jenkins, and to raise funds for Western Tract Mission's ministry projects took place on June 16th. It always falls on the Saturday before Father's Day. This year we had a bright sunny day after many days of rain, so all were enthusiastic and happy to be taking part. A number of people joined us who had never done this before!

checking in with Barb Jenkins at Mark's memorial tree

Although most of the participants met at the Kinsmen Park where we staked out some picnic tables and set up Joe's barbecue, all but Harold Barth, who stayed by "the food stuff" car-pooled to the north end of Spadina. There we checked in with Barb Jenkins, who provided each one with the plastic pocket holding our instructions and prayer list to wear around the neck.

Barb Jenkins making opening remarks

Arnold called everyone to attention We gathered in a circle, and Barb made some opening remarks about how this walkathon began, and what it has meant over these years. This walkathon has been a special way for their family to honour their memory of Mark.

Mike lighting the candle for Mark

Doug Jenkins was not able to be here this year, but their son, Mike Jenkins lit the candle for Mark under the tree planted by the city of Saskatoon.

Joe reading the devotional thoughts.

Here Joe Homontowski is reading the devotional thought for the occasion.

We are always glad when families come as a whole to take part in the walkathon, and this year our friend Hugh Pineault had brought his wife and two small children to join in. (Last year Hugh and Arnold had walked together in the rain).

part of the circle of particpants

Part of the circle of particpants who stood and listened attentively during the opening exercises. After the prayer of dedication by our Director, Arnold Stobbe, there was just one more matter before they would take off and start walking. . . .

Yes, our annual photo of the Walkathon participants!

most of the walkers present

... And another view of the group. (Notice, Mike is taking a photo for Katie on her iPad!)

another shot of the group

the first walkers are striking out on the Meewasin Trail
Now, the first walkers are striking out on the Meewasin Trail that winds along-side the Saskatchewan River. Others are falling in behind them.

Some are quick walkers and will end up at the Kinsmen Park ahead of the others. Some are slower and take time to enjoy the view, and pray or chat with others going the same pace.

Harold Barth guarding the barbecue and food stash.

Ivy and Ruth caught a ride back to the Kinsmen with Archie Loewen. They found Harold Barth reading the newspaper while staying "by the food stuff" and Joe's barbecue.

Ivy checking over the food supply

They looked over the food supplies. This was the first time Ivy had been at the Walkathon, but she showed herself a great worker. (Which we already know about her as a Corrector at the office).

Ivy and Ruth picked a table in the sunshine, and got to work reviewing all the sponsorship monies that had been collected and turned in. That led to the list of who should get the gift cards and certificates which were handed out as prizes after the picnic.

Allen Martens returning from the refreshment station

The first to arrive was Allen Martens, who had volunteered to be at the half-way refreshment post, to give out drinks of water and snacks. That told us that the walkers were on the home stretch.

Penny Homontowski and Linda Porter arriving

Shortly after Penny Homontowski and Linda Porter arrived. They had become too tired to continue, but they just had to come up from the path to Spadina and Frank Porter was cruising back and forth to pick up just such, who found they could not walk the whole distance of 7.5 km (or 5 miles). They were glad to settle into the picnic area in the shade.

Nancy and friend Jane bringing rice crispy cake

Next to arrive were Nancy Henderson, (the newest volunteer in Ruth's department), and her friend Jane Peterson. They came carrying a rice crispy cake. Yum!

They had tried to meet up with two other friends downtown before they arrived to take part in the walkathon but missed them.

Priscilla arrives on her own

Priscilla came striding in. She had walked with a couple of other ladies, but stopped to chat when she met her aunt, who offered a check of support! Somehow Priscilla managed to pass her walking friends and arrived ahead of them.

However, she and her husband had another commitment some three-hour drive away, so she left almost immediately.

Peter Buhler and b-in-l Peter Doerksen carring in the watermelon!

Next to arrive were Pete Buhler, a Board member, and his brother-in-law, Peter Doerksen. They carried a cooler with the watermelons! Both had completed the walk.

Susan Buhler, Pete's wife, and also a Board member, is off to the right, bringing lawn chairs.

even Carolyn Loewen made the walk.

Carolyn Loewen, another Board member, has always had some other event to keep her away so far, but this year she was able to make it, and she completed the whole walk. Here she is standing in the shade to cool down. She is a daily walker in Waldheim, where she and Archie live.

Arnold Stobbe striding in

Now Arnold Stobbe, our Director, (age 84), came striding in! That usually means the last of the walkers has arrived as he normally brings up the rear to watch for stragglers.

This time, Priscilla knew there were some others yet to show up, who had started out late, and from a different direction. She was about to go back to hunt for them, but then they showed up!

Finally the four friends met who had missed each other earlier

Finally the four friends met up, who had missed each other before!

Barb Jenkins always brings a beautiful cake in memory of Mark

Barb Jenkins always brings a beautiful Costco cake in memory of their son Mark. This adds a touch of class to the picnic meal, which this time consisted of tasty venison sausage on a bun, (and choices of condiments), and a large, sweet watermelon. Bottled water has proved to be most popular as the beverage.

Hugh is just checking for another barbecued sausage

Hugh is just checking for another barbecued sausage. Fortunately there were just enough for everyone to have as many as they wished.

When the eating was about done, Joe Homontowski announced the amount raised. At the picnic, nearly $6000 had been gathered, but more came into the office in the days that followed. So far that has gone up to $7,500 and these funds are all going to the Impact Canada mailing later this year.

Resting - some in the shade and some in the sun, while the prizes were announced.

While people were resting, some in the shade and some in the sunshine, Joe also called up the ones who had raised the most (after Arnold and Priscilla, who declined prizes), and allowed them a choice of the gift cards in his hand. Susan and Pete Buhler were next, but were unfortunately over-looked in the prizes. The winners who received gift cards were; Wayne Berg, Barb Jenkins, Hugh Pineault, Linda Porter, and Carolyn Loewen.

We praise God for this very successful Walkathon fund-raiser, and for all who took part. May the Lord bless each one, and the money raised to the spreading of the gospel through the mailing of "There is Hope" to Newfoundland.

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