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the participants at the 2011 walkathon on june 18

Our 2011 Walkathon in Photos

discussing our options in the Kinsmen Park parking lot

Our Walkathon on June 18th was ON despite the weather. It had already been raining quite a lot the previous day. Arnold Stobbe, our Director sent out an email on Friday night saying that we would meet in the Kinsmen Park to discuss our options and make a decision by 9:45 am. Cancelling was NOT an option.

We stood around with umbrellas discussing what to do. Katie and Harold Barth, who live near to Spadina Crescent, along the route, had invited us to have the barbecue in their garage. If no one wanted to walk we could head there, have a short presentation and our barbecue and be done.

Hugh, our new French friend and Wayne Berg, and Priscilla. Second option: walk as far, or just past underneath the Circle Drive bridge and then turn up into the sub-division to the Barth's home for the barbecue. Third option: go the whole route along the Meewasin Trail as planned, and even have the barbecue in the Kinsmen Park.

Some walkers were keen to go and had dressed for it, so the second option was chosen. (Note: Hugh, our new French friend, Wayne Berg, and Priscilla Blackmore).

Arnold leading with an invocational prayer

When a couple of more vehicles arrived from Rosthern with more walkers, Arnold opened the walkathon with an invocational prayer of dedication, and the walkers started out in small clusters down Spadina Crescent.

the walkers setting out from the Kinsmen Park

Later we learned that the Jenkins and Buhlers had met at Mark's tree, the original starting point for the Walkathon and they came along the trail from that direction. Or at least until they ran into some construction they could not cross over.

some walked getting ahead on Spadina Cres.

There's some faster walkers getting way ahead on Spadina Crescent.

Arnold and Hugh walking together

Arnold and Hugh were walking together with plenty of time for companionable chat.

The Derksen family and the Homontowskis as a group

The Singing Derksen family from Rosthern, and the Homontowskis came walking as a group for a while.

two of the Derksen boys, their Dad, Ron, and Joe

Here come two of the Derksen boys, their dad, Ron, and Joe Homontowski, striding past the camera with no fear of the light rains.

gathered for the BBQ lunch in the Barth's garage
Shortly after 11 am, people began arriving at the Barth's garage. Harold had already barbecued all the smoked sausage, some of the ladies went into the kitchen and finished up a batch of onions, and everything was brought into the garage as the largest space to hold us all.

A head-count indicated 30 people present, although one walker had caught a bus and gone home already, and a few others who had not walked, but supported the walkathon, arrived here too.

glancing toward the door as the sun comes out

The rains sort of came and went. Glancing towards the door closer to noon we spied a short spell of sunshine.

A bit later, there was a downpour! Those sitting just outside the door had to crowd into the garage with the rest.

Linda Porter, Lavonne Derksen and Susan Buhler visiting

Here Linda Porter, Lavonne Derksen and Susan Buhler have a chance to relax and visit for a while.

We are sure glad for people who were willing to show up and take part, despite the inclement weather!

Arnold Stobbe and Ron Derksen at food buffet

Arnold Stobbe and Ron Derksen are back to check for seconds at the food buffet. We had enough for everyone, although some might have liked extra helpings.

The Memorial cake for Mark Jenkins

The memorial cake for Mark Jenkins seems to just be more beautiful each year. (Barb says the people at Costco remember her and get excited about decorating this cake for us).

the memorial candle-lighting ceremony

Barb read a devotional piece while Doug lit the candle in the glass lantern in memory of Mark and other loved ones that various ones like to honour at this time.

Then it was time to find out how much had been raised by the combined efforts.

Arnold explained the various prizes in the cardboard box

It was about $8400 at that time, but more money has come in since then, and Priscilla (our bookkeeper) keeps getting more brought to the office, or now that the mail is coming through - by post. So the total at the moment is almost $9000.

Arnold explained the various prizes in the box, with the understanding that the highest raisers of funds would get first pick from the prizes, and then on down the line. Priscilla and Arnold himself, had raised the most, but declined any prizes.

Micah Derksen choosing one on behalf of his family

Micah Derksen, who himself raised over $400 for his family's total, got to choose the first prize.

Others who followed after that were: Hertha Wiens, Hugh P... , Susan and Pete Buhler, Linda Porter, and Anna Doell. The last prize was donated back to be auctioned off. That blue sports bag raised another $50 (?).

2011 participants in the walkathon
As we were about to depart, the sun came out so we all lined up in the Barth's backyard for our annual photo of the whole group. (This is a different shot from the one at the top of the page).

Thank you for your support if you sponsored one of our walkers, or even just sent in money towards our Impact Canada Project so that the gospel message can be mailed to every address in Canada - eventually. This will be ongoing however long it takes, so feel free to contribute at any time. You may even wish to sponsor the mailing to a certain postal code where people you care about live.

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