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Will I Pray

Sometimes I have so much to do,
I think it must be done.
I'll work so very, very hard,
From morn till set of sun.
But here is something I have found:
This really doesn't pay,
I've always found I've weaker grown.
If I have failed to pray.

Sometimes 'twas something for myself,
Sometimes it was for God,
Sometimes it was for other folks
That many steps I trod.
But 'tis no matter whom 'twas for,
I truthfully must say.
My faith and trust had smaller grown.
Because I failed to pray.

So I'm trying hard to learn,
That nothing's really great,
If it must take my praying time.
So praying has to wait.
It's praying makes me fit for work.
It is my staff and stay,
And work will never be the best,
If I have failed to pray.

Submitted By: Mrs Lockie Chadwell
Harriman, Tenn USA
Published in Feb, 1950
in Western Tract News

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