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The Wonderful Story

Once, when God the Lord of all,
Looked down on His sin-striken earth.
He saw the need of a way to call,
We, dead-in-sin, to His new birth.

The way that God fulfilled His plan,
The plan of a soul-saving birth,
Was by taking, Himself, the form of man,
And coming to this sinful earth.

He came by way of a virgin-birth,
Was born in a manger in Bethlehem.
He had no sin, although on earth,
Sinful nature was in all of me.

Christ lived on earth and had no sin,
E'n though it existed all around.
He had a gracious, loving heart,
Which in man was never found.

And then, oh glory be to God!
He arose again, up from the grave,
He ascended above to prepare a place
For the ones on earth that He did save.

Oh sinner, if you have not the gift,
The gift He gave of saving grace,
Won't you now, wherever you may be,
Join the happy, everlasting race.

Author unknown

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