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It's Later Than You Think

The years go by and one by one,
Our loved ones pass away.
The world is ever changing,
Life seems harder every day.
Life is so short, we never know,
We may be on the brink.
Take Jesus in your heart today
Its later than you think:

Accept Him now,
Give Christ your heart today,
And then tell others how to find the way.
Don't waste your time.
While others lower sink,
Go out and bring them in today,
Its later than you think.

The peace that passeth understanding,
Then will fill your soul.
If you will take Him at His word,
His grace will make you whole.
And when your journey here is done,
Upon the River's brink,
You'll meet your loved ones gone before;
Its worthwhile, don't you think?

Enjoy yourself by living for the Lord.
Don't worry over things you can't afford;
A mansion waits for you,
Beyond the brink.
Live for the Lord, enjoy yourself,
It's later than you think.

Mrs A. Croft Spryfield,
Halifax Co. N.S.

[author's note: Words I wrote to the tune of the song "It's later than you think "]

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