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Even Me

I weep because it was my sin
      That nailed my Lard upon the tree;
I am not worthy of such love,
      That He should die for even me.
               Isaiah 53:5.

They crucified the Lamb of God,
      He died my spirit to set free;
the Holy One was put to death,
      A sacrifice for even me.
               I Corinthians 5:7.

Why did they scourge the Son of God?
      Or place the thorns upon His head?
It was my crimes deserved the rod,
      He suffered for my sins instead.
               I Peter 2:24

They mocked and smote my blessed Lord,
       Because I scorned His holy name;
I'm guilty - so declares the word,
      But Jesus took my sin and shame.
               Matthew 27:29

Forsaken by the God above -
      Although with power to be free;
The Just One smitten! O what love!
      He gave his life for even me.
               I Timothy 1:15

O Captain of my rescued soul,
      Whose face in glory I shell see;
My Lord, my King, my all in all,
      Accept the praise of even me.
               Hebrews 2:10

- G.W. Elliott

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