proudly Canadian
Proudly Canadian
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Canada's Awakening

We know that darkness has covered the land,
The people have gone to sleep:
But there are the faithful few, dear Lord,
Thy face in prayer they seek.
They continue in prayer from day to day,
They are watching Thy hand divine,
And waiting from out of the darkness to see,
The glorious Light to shine.
They know that the heavens are not brass,
Thou cans't answer Thy people's prayer;
They can see the hand of God in the cloud,
And so for the showers prepare.
We are waiting on Thy hand, dear Lord,
Our faith will never tire,
Till Heaven's flood-gates open wide,
Setting CANADA on fire.


SAVE CANADA, Lord, by Thy might power,
SAVE CANADA, Lord, with a mighty shower:
Look on Her, Lord, sunk in the mire.
SAVE CANADA, Lord, with a mighty fire.
The blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son,
Cleanseth us from all sin. Christ Jesus
Came into the world to save sinners.

Composed by Mrs. A. M. Rogers
No.1 Cottage, 3 Squirrels, Maidstone Rd.
Stockbury, Kent, England .
100 copies & 1 lb of chocolates sent to her
September 21, 1949

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