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At Jesus' Feet

Sitting at the feet of Jesus,
Where can mortal be more blest!
All our sins, and all diseases
Are removed, and we have rest.

At a word from Christ our Master,
Satan flees and cares are gone;
We are freed from all disaster
By our Saviour's grace alone.

He Who beareth every sorrow,
Washed us whiter than the snow;
Cleanseth us today, tomorrow,
And His pardon we can know.

Now He grants sweet absolution
From the penalty of sin;
And in place of execution,
We have calm and peace within.

Jesus is our Hope and Treasure,
He will make our joys complete;
We have peace beyond all measure,
Sitting at the Saviour's feet.

Sitting at the feet of Jesus,
Clothed and in our proper mind;
Now the saint and sinner sees us
Changed, with sin stains left behind.

Or, Like Mary, who received Him,
Sitting there she heard His voice;
'Twas in heart that she believed Him,
And her spirit did rejoice.

All can share the joy of Jesus,
He bestows His love complete.
Perfect bliss, to learn of Jesus!
Sitting at the Saviour's feet.


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