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A Loving Wish

My dear, dear Friend, I long to know,
That you are saved - Washed white as snow,
Through the precious blood made pure within,
And kept from every stain of sin.

That you are shining here below,
Then I should also like to know
And seeking by God's mighty power,
To glorify Him every hour.

Again, I long for you to know
God's Word and in His grace to know;
And may you always hear Christ say,
"Come, follow Me, I am the Way."

I want you in your youth to know
That Satan is a deadly foe,
Seeking your early life to blight
And hinder you from doing right.

But, as you read God's Word, you'll know
That Satan cannot overthrow,
Nor pluck from God's almighty hand
All those who in His mercy stand.

Yet some,though young,refuse to know
Christ Jesus saves from sin, although
He welcomes sinners, e'en to-day
That He may wash your sins away!

But we, who love the Saviour, know
That we are saved from endless woe,
With Christ forever shall be
In Heaven, and serve Him perfectly.

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