proudly Canadian
Proudly Canadian
Western Tract Mission - logo Western tract Mission, Inc., has a new name - Impact Canada Ministries Inc.
This site will remain here; but you are welcome
to visit our new site as it grows!

How to Donate to Impact Canada Ministries Inc.

This is to show you how to donate to Impact Canada Ministries, Inc. You may do so by sending in a cheque in the mail; you may phone in to 306-244-0446 and give your credit card info (Visa or Mastercard) and give in a matter of minutes; or, you can send us a donation via PayPal, using this Donate Button.

Use the Donation button below, to share your gift via PayPal - according to how God guides you.

Western Tract Mission is 75 years in ministry in 2016. However, it changed its name to Impact Canada Ministries in 2015. All these years it has been a venture of faith, and even yet, we ask our workers to raise their own support, and we trust God for funds to carry on our ministry projects on a continuing basis.

In those earliest years we had many supporters, but by now many of those have passed on to their reward. We often pray that God would raise up new and faithful supporters. Perhaps you would like to become one in partnership with God?

Because we are a faith mission, dependent upon people God prompts to support us for our work, we look forward to gifts like yours!

We thank you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

(You may also use PayPal to pay for tracts and booklets you would like to purchase from our order pages).

If you would like to automate your giving with automated withdrawals from your bank or credit union account into our mission's account, just send us a voided check (for the bank routing information), along with the date each month you want the transfer to be made, and for which missionary or department, and our credit union will set it up for you.

You are welcome, of course, to send a cheque anytime by mail to this office:

Impact Canada Ministries Inc.

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