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Write a Letter of Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Write a Letter of Gratitude and Thanksgiving

It starts out;

A well-known writer ended up in hospital with a deep depression. Fortunately, a friend visited him and made a little suggestion that turned the man's life right around. The friend suggested that he make a list of those who had helped him become the skilled professional he was, but whom he had never thanked.

Immediately the man recalled the school teacher who had taken time with him when he had trouble learning to read. He decided to write her a thank you letter. That retired teacher had taught for 50 years, and this was the first - the very first thank you letter she had ever received. When he got her tear-stained reply, the man decided to show his gratitude more often and consistently to everyone he encountered. It wiped out his depression, never to return.

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in Canada and the United States. Canadians celebrate it the second Monday of October, and Americans the last Thursday of November. In the U.K. and some other countries they have a Harvest Festival. The purpose is to show gratitude for what we have. You would bless yourself, as well as many others, if you started a habit writing letters of appreciation and gratitude. Decide to do it fairly often, not just on your Thanksgiving Day.

The general reaction is, "Yes, I should show more gratitude. I'll try..." and minutes later you have forgotten all about it.

Therefore, to make the lesson stick or take root in you, this tract suggests you make a little list right here of seven people to whom you need to express either a written or oral note of thanks and gratitude. If you have trouble starting with any names, write in "God" first, and then some family or friends who have shown you love.

In quite practical ways this tract spells out ways to make it a habit to show gratitude in tangible ways. First towards God, and then to others. Since women are most likely to be interested, (though men should be showing gratitude too), and they like little self-quizzes to help them see their need and how to proceed, several have been included in this 3-fold letter-sized brochure tract.

Under How to Show Gratitude to God, are suggestions such as praying and how to tell God all the great things we observe about Him, how to sing praises to Him. There are also ideas for writing notes of thanks and encouragement, and making a habit to do it regularly - usually the biggest hurdle.

This brochure-style tract even gives guidance for what to write in a note of thanks, and what to leave unwritten.

This tract is written with those in mind who understand the value of expressing gratitude, but feel guilty about not getting around to doing it, or else are afraid they don't know what to write even if they get pen and paper before them. The quizzes play a bit on that sense of guilt to draw them in, but then offers practical suggestions to help them develop a good skill at it.

No doubt you know someone who would appreciate this kind of tract. To help you offer them a copy, you may order from us - or, if you have a good quality printer, you may use the PDF file provided here, to print out as many copies as you would like

Printer-ready PDF file for "Write a Letter of Gratitude and Thanksgiving"

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