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Easter Proves -
God Keeps His Word

Easter Proves - God Keeps His Word This 16 page booklet/tract, about the size of a brochure, tells the Bible story of Easter in simple language to reach those who are searching for the true meaning and have never heard or read the Bible story. The special slant is that this wonderful plan of salvation was in God's mind from the very beginning, and He added more details to the promise over many centuries through various prophets.

For those who wonder what all the so-called Easter decorations in the stores have to do with this true story of Christ's death and resurrection for us, the booklet also explains briefly the stages after Christ's ascension into Heaven, and how the church began to take on some pagan ways and names, including the name of the goddess, Eastre, into Easter as used today.

This is very much an informative tract aimed at those who want to know the truth, and provides the reference chart for those who might be willing to dig deeper. Yet, it also offers an invitation to receive this great Saviour personally, and urges that the reader contact our mission for either our Mailbox Club lessons for adults, or the Bible school level Enrichment courses.

In preparing to write this tract I researched on the internet and found that as relating to Easter, many people were doing Google searches for the 'Easter story.' Our hope and prayer is that this booklet will meet that hunger, both online and as you order copies to give away wherever suitable.

Just ask yourself, "Who do I know that is new to Easter and might never have heard or read the true story from the Bible? Someone thoughtful and able to weigh it's meaning?" Use the PayPal button to place your order at .25/each booklet. If you see this after Easter, you may want to keep this in mind for next year.

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Free Copyright. Download a print-ready PDF copy of this tract to make photocopies and distribute to others as you wish:
Easter Proves - God Keeps His Word

Printing instructions; using 2 legal-size sheets, carefully print print page 2 on the back of page 1, and page 4 on the page of page 3, watching to make sure the right page numbers are on opposite sides to form a booklet. Then cut the sheets in half, and layer the pages so that when you fold them all in half, you will have a 16 page booklet.

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