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Proudly Canadian
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Ready-to-Print Tracts and Gospel Literature


Jesus Cares for You (rebus) Printer-ready PDF
All We Like Sheep Printer-ready PDF
Kelly's Question Printer-ready PDF
Ruby's Question Printer-ready PDF
Am I Too Little? Printer-ready PDF
God Loves You Printer-ready PDF
An Answer for Danny About Heaven Printer-ready PDF
Jesus Loves Eliza Printer-ready PDF
What Scares You at Halloween? (or Are You Afraid of Cemeteries?) ~ Printer-ready PDF
Treasures From Jesus Printer-ready side 1 and Printer-ready side 2
High Cost of Peer Pressure, The (for teens) Printer-ready PDF


What to Do When All True Christians DISSAPPEAR! Printer-ready PDF
Wonderful Grace of God in Bonnie's Life, The ~ Printer-ready PDF
Touch of the Master's Hand, The - printer-ready PDF edition

Seasonal, or Special Occasion:

Thank You
Give Thanks in All Circumstances (Thanksgiving) ~ printer-ready PDF edition
No Thanks (Thanksgiving) printer-ready PDF

Free Copyright

We offer all our Gospel Tracts free of Copyright claims, so that with a clear conscience, you can download these tracts and use them in your ministry.

Look for A print-friendly copy notes at the bottom of the web page editions of our tracts. Use the printable editions to make photocopies and distribute. (Note: you may need to do a page setup first, to make sure the margins are smaller, eg. 0.03", and sometimes the landscape setting will be better than portrait). Usually the tracts will fit on one 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. Sometimes two copies fit on one sheet.

Another option is to highlight the text of the tract on the web page edition, then right-click with your mouse, and click Copy on the fly-up menu. Go to your favourite word processing program and Paste in the body of the tract. Arrange to suit your paper and needs. Permission is granted to copy and distribute.

Some of these tracts are no longer being printed by Western Tract Mission, Inc. However, we are offering the text here so that if you wish you may continue to print and publish them.

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