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William Branham - The Man and His Message - by Carl Dyck Willam Branham - The Man and His Message - ebook cover

William Branham -
The Man and His Message

by Carl Dyck

The print copy of this 65 page, 5.25" by 8.25" book, William Branham - The Man and His Message, is one of the few reviews available of the Branham sect from a Biblical perspective. Carl Dyck of the Saskatoon area in Saskatchewan came in contact with some of these people and did a study to see how they measured up to God's Word, the Bible. When he found very little objective information about them he decided to write an expose of Branham's teachings, comparing the man's teachings to Scripture.

As of December 2015, we have a PDF edition made available for you. It can be read online by clicking this link: William Branham - The Man and His Message (pdf file). You may also right-click on the link to save it to your computer or electornic device. If you should wish to print it out, it will take less that 40 letter-sized sheets.

Branhamites, the devoted followers of William Marion Branham (born 1906) are not as well known as others, such as the Jehovah's Witnesses, and Mormons, but they are to be taken seriously. They brain-wash new people who join them, and sometimes trick young women into marriage, and then force them to live by their rules.

Dyck covers Branham's personal life and humble beginnings, then his claims to hear the audible voice of God, and to have angels appear to him to give him revelations.

Dyck shows, in this book, how Branham's teachings appear next to appropriate Biblical truth concerning;
View of God
Denial of the Trinity
Concerning the Father
Concerning the Son
Concernign the Holy Spirit
View of Baptism
Annihilation of Hell and Satan
Origin of Sin
Second Coming of Christ

Included at the end are extensive endnotes and a Bibliography.

If you have encountered Branham followers, who are eager to share their tapes and books of Branham, and give you a picture of him with a halo over his head, then you would be wise to read this booklet and see what research has been done already.

Print copies of this book are available from Impact Canada Ministries, Inc., for $3.50 Canadian.

Again, we now have a digital (PDF) version of this book, which you may download and read for free. Feel free to refer others to this page, or pass it on to them.

William Branham - The Man and His Message (pdf file).

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